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Save 1000’s Buying Your First Set of Kitesurfing Equipment

Get the right kit, at the right price and set it up right for you.

If there’s one thing we see time and again, it’s those who buy kit early are the ones that ALWAYS go on to actually ride…

Those who don’t…don’t.

The obvious reason why people put off buying kitesurfing kit is that it is expensive, often 1500 € + and people don’t want to commit this type of money until they KNOW they are definitely going to crack kitesurfing.

Once you have your own kit, it’s constantly there, sitting in a corner telling you to go kitesurfing, to use it.

And you do.

A lot of people tell me they intend to hire kit until they have learned properly, and then buy.

This seems like a great idea, and indeed if your only going to kite once or twice a year this can be a great plan.

But I imagine if you’ve got to this point you’re looking to kite more than once or twice a year.

For you, hiring kit will work out ridiculously expensive.

Tarifa is probably the cheapest place in the world to hire kit, simply due to the amount of schools and the level of competition between them.

Even so, in Tarifa kit hire normally starts at 60 € a day.

Once you’ve done a week of kit hire here you’ve spent the same amount of money as you would to buy a kite (especially if you use the techniques I’m going to talk about shortly).

More importantly, by hiring kit you remain dependent on the school.

Dependent that they have the right kite.

Dependent they are open at the right time to give it to you.

Dependent you know how to set that particular kite up.

Dependent that the wind doesn’t drop as soon as you get to the beach (because you’re still going to get charged).

Becoming independent of a school or instructor is the most important step you can takeoff your kitesurfing progress. Once you have your own kit you can go out where you want, when you want…


Ok so right now I can hear you saying,

“Ok, I get it, buying kit is a great move…but damn…it’s expensive.”

What if I were to tell you that there are a few simple tricks that can save you literally 1000’s on the cost of your kitesurfing equipment? Getting you out and riding at a price that won’t break the bank on kit that will last you years.

Ok great…

But then comes the next problem…

Buying The Right Kit

As a beginner coming into kitesurfing the decision to buy your first set of equipment can be daunting…

Kitesurfing kit is expensive and marketers make everything seem very complicated. Claiming that every kite or board does everything amazingly, describing everything generically without giving you the details of whether the kite is good for you at this moment in your riding.

I’ll give you an example…

I had a board made with a Biotech core…sounds impressive right?

What it actually meant was it was made from wood…

Not so sexy.

This language makes trying to find and buy the right kit for you nearly impossible, especially with the added stress that buying the wrong kit will set you back years.


Well let’s take the example of a kite.

The kite you want needs to relaunch effortlessly, be super stable in the air and deal well with changes in the wind.

Here’s the thing, a kite designed for a different discipline or level rider will be TERRIBLE at all of these things. As the rider is supposed to be good enough to compensate.

And yes I know you WILL be an AWESOME rider in the future but it’s likely to be years before you get to that level (as an example I rode my first kite for 8 years) and in the meantime.…

You are much more likely to blame yourself when something goes wrong…simply because you don’t have the experience to know if the kite is helping or hindering you…

and if you’ve bought the wrong kite things will go wrong often!


EVERYONE I know who has gone down this route of buying the wrong kite for them has either sold it within weeks (at a loss of HUNDREDS) or worse, simply given up kitesurfing altogether out of frustration.

What’s more…

The wrong decision here can set your progress back years as you’ll be using a kite which makes EVERYTHING 10 x harder than it needs to be.

Not to mention the embarrassment at the beach as everyone asks “Who sold you THAT?!”

Then there’s the question of size…always an important issue for us blokes.

“Which size kite do I need, which size board do I need?”

These are probably the most important questions when buying kit as they’re the one’s which determine how often and in what conditions you’re going to be getting out…or even if you’ll be getting out at all!

They’re also questions with no easy, generic answer as the answer depends on a lot of different factors, all unique to you and your riding.

The irony is, it’s actually really simple to get the right kit, at the right size which will last you for years, at a decent price…

It’s just that manufacturers don’t want you to know this and so deliberately obscure the information in the hope you’ll be forced to buy more kites.

Even if you do manage to buy the right kit… (by luck or happy chance).

Most people then set it up wrong.

This is equivalent to buying a Ferrari and then tuning it so it handles like a Skoda.

A badly trimmed kite will make it much harder to relaunch, waterstart, ride upwind and jump.

This is responsible for retarding people’s progress more than ANYTHING else I see.

I want to ensure you don’t fall into that trap…

So I’ve put together this program to ensure you know exactly what kit you need to buy, save 1000’s buying it, set it up so you can use it NOW and have it perfectly trimmed whilst you are using it.

Save 1000’s Buying Your Kitesurfing Equipment

I’ll let you in on the insider secrets that can save you literally 1000’s on the cost of your kitesurfing equipment and can get you set up for as little as 500 €, on great kit, that will last you for years.

We’ll also show you some of the tricks you can employ to massively reduce the amount of kit you need to buy while actually increasing the range of wind and conditions you can go out in.

This alone can save you 1000’s as rather than having to buy 3 kites I show you how you can get the same wind range out of just 1 with a few simple techniques.

I go through exactly what you need to buy and what you don’t, so you can go in to any shop have an intelligent conversation and walk out with the right kite for you.

This isn’t just a massive rouse to sell you my kites…in fact I don’t even sell kites, but I will ensure you know how to spot the kite that is right for you.

What Size Kite & Board YOU Need

I’ll show you exactly how to determine which size kite and board YOU need. So you’re riding kit that will get you out on the water the most while making your progression as smooth and as fast as possible.

Trim The Kit & Set It Up Perfectly For You

I’ll take you in-depth on how to trim your kite properly and how to set it up right for you. We’ll personalise this for your kit and your riding style, so you’re getting 100% out of your kit every time you hit the water.

Now normally the price for this program is 497 €…but because you’ve taken the time to read this today and because we’re running a special founders offer at the moment, I want to offer you a special price and it’s not going to be 497 €.

You can order right now and I’ll knock 81%…that’s 400 €, OFF the normal price.

If you order right now, I’ll give you the incredible price of just 97 €

Lets get real, that’s the equivalent of a coffee a day in Starbucks for the month.

Now listen up as there is a problem…

As I’m heavily involved in this and I only have so much time and want to ensure the absolute best experience for those going through the course, I HAVE to limit the numbers for this special offer to just 200 people…once it’s full it will go back to the normal price of 497 €.

To guarantee your place just click the button below, you’ll be transferred to our secure payments page, enter your details and you’ll get full and instant access.


So right now you have 2 decisions, you can do nothing, which is what you’ll get…nothing. Or you can take a leap of faith. /

And look I want to make this as easy as possible for you as I can so I’m offering a full 30 day money back guarantee.

You can test the course for the first 30 days, fully participate, do everything, take full advantage. Do everything I’m going to teach you…


  • If you are not happy for any reason
  • If you simply don’t feel this is for you
  • Or even if you don’t like my hair cut

You’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER. You don’t even need to talk to anyone, just shoot an email to our amazing support staff and BOOM you’ll instantly get your money back

And everything you’ve already learned will be for FREE. No harm, no foul.

If you are not happy, I don’t want your money.

Remember once we hit 200, the founders offer is over and the price will go back to 497 €.

So the real question is this worth taking just 2 mins of your time to check out…even if it only does half of what I’m claiming here it will save you weeks of time in learning to ride.

Just click on the button below to get instant access and I’ll see you on the inside: