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75% of People That Begin Learning to Kitesurf Never Actually Ride

Either it’s never windy when they are free, or when it is windy the school is so busy trying to catch up teaching all the other people that have been waiting for wind that they never get a look in. So they waste 1000’s in cash and months of their life…and NEVER actually ride. So…

We’ve Chosen The Most Consistently Windy Kiting Spot On Earth & Combined It With Our Unique UNLIMITED HOURS Format Of Teaching To Ensure That You…

Learn to Kitesurf in 1 Week…GUARANTEED.

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Stuff Kiters Say...

  • LOVED LOVED LOVED the holiday! ...I will definitely be coming back!

    Natasha Dean, Nurse
  • The best holiday I have ever had (and that's saying something!). Great vibe and brilliant instruction.

    Heena Hasan, Disaster Relief Manager
  • ...I was up and riding on my second day!

    Andrew Pearce, CEO
  • ...I could not ask for anymore.

    Jem Bersin, Army Officer

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