The Tantrum Online Kitesurf School

Pre Course Training


Kitesurfing Fitness

Kitesurfing Fitness

Are you fit enough to kitesurf?





Types Of Kites

Different Types Of Kites & The Equipment You’ll Need





Forecasting the Wind

The wind forecast

How to read the weather forecast, good websites to help you and what the forecast means for flying your kite





Reading the Wind

Reading the wind

Before you set foot in the water you need to have a good idea of what the wind is doing and how it’s going to effect your kitesurfing





Wind Direction

Kiting Peak Performance

Before you fly your kite you need to know where the wind is coming from and where to fly the kite, this lesson teaches you.





The Effects of Obstacles

Kiting Gear

What effects do obstacles have on the wind and what does it for mean for flying your kite whilst kitesurfing?





Getting the Damn Thing in the Air

The Trainer Kite

How To Set Up Launch & Land The Trainer Kite





Making it Dance

Flying the Trainer Kite

How To Fly The Trainer Kite