• Fit to Kitesurf…Quicker – Review of “Body by Science.”
    Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to achieve peak kitesurfing fitness in less time?
  • Start Your Kiting Day Right: 🏄‍♂️🌊🪁 My Personal Breakfast Recipe for Sustained Energy!
    What do you eat for breakfast on days when you’re kiting? Get my take on it here…
  • Harnessing the Wind: Transforming Kitesurfing Dreams into Fitness Realities
    Imagine yourself on a picturesque beach, feeling the sea breeze and eyeing the waves, your kite ready for action. These aren’t mere fantasies; they’re powerful drivers to boost your fitness journey, tailored for kitesurfing.
  • Finding Your Balance in Kitesurfing: The Unsung Hero
    Balance in kiting plays a crucial yet often overlooked role. Whether it’s boosting on a twin-tip or slashing a wave strapless, the ability to correctly balance the body is absolutely crucial to our performance and is often something most people ignore in their training, mainly as they have no idea how to improve it. The … Read more
  • Why Getting in Shape is Like Learning to Kitesurf
    Imagine if you turned up to your first ever kitesurfing lesson and the instructor handed you the kite, pointed at the water and told you to knock yourself out. I doubt you’d be that impressed.
  • The Worst Kitesurfing Holiday Of My Life
    “Absolutely awful experience, I want my money back.” My eyes widened in surprise, my jaw dropped almost to the floor. And this after a week of kitesurfing where we had been at the beach for between 6 and 9 hours a day, every day. In my mind it had been as good a week as … Read more
  • ? My Hopeless Day Of Surfing With No Waves ?
    What the hell were we doing?  Here I was, lying on my kite board, on a totally flat ocean, freezing my ass off, attempting to surf. And it was the best morning I’d spent for months! There was absolutely no chance of me catching a wave but it was a windless, crystal clear day on … Read more
  • I Don’t Want To Kitesurf…
    “I don’t want to kite, I just want to stay in bed” I couldn’t believe my ears! We’d been locked up for 2 months, only able to go to the supermarket and back and now the Government had finally decided we could go kiting, albeit with the restriction that we had to do it between 6 … Read more
  • [TRUE STORY] – The Guy Just Hung Up On Me
    Check Out The NTX Weight Loss Program The guy just hung up… At first I was pretty shocked, my first response was to be angry. After all, no one likes being hung up on. Then I started to think about it and realised it was a shame that he’d reacted like that. I really could have … Read more
  • Why Dave Gave Up & Sold His Kites
    Check Out The NTX Weight Loss Program Dave’s been a kitesurfer for 12 years, last week he gave up and sold his kites… When he first started he dreamed of being a lean, ripped kiter (like the ones he’d seen at the beach) kiting was his motivation and his inspiration to lose the weight he … Read more
  • Why Some Kitesurfers Can’t Lose Weight And Keep It Off
    Save Your Seat For The Free Live Masterclass There are 3 MAJOR forces at play when it comes to your inability to lose weight or keep it off, I’m going to talk about 2 of them today…the 2 which I call the external influencers. You see, there are 2 major industries that are heavily invested … Read more
  • The heartbreaking truth about your next kitesurfing holiday.
    Picture the scene… You rock up on your next kitesurf holiday, the forecast is perfect, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and the water looks perfect. You quickly unpack your kit, set up your kite, squeeze into your wetsuit and hit the water for 6 hours straight. You’re trying loads of new tricks … Read more
  • How The Flow State Can INSTANTLY Improve Your Kitesurfing
    Ever experienced the feeling on the water where you can do no wrong, where every action you take is perfect, where time slows down or speeds up and you’re totally in the moment undistracted by what’s going on around you or by the voice in your head? If you answered yes you’ve experienced The Flow … Read more
  • The Friday Lowdown – 13th March 2020
    What’s The Best Cross Training For Kitesurfers? When I first started training people to get fit for kitesurfing, I was all about slow movements and big weights. It took me a few years to realise that to train for a sport as nuanced as kitesurfing isn’t just a case of going and throwing weights around … Read more
  • How To Learn To Kitesurf 3 x Faster #2
    Continuing our video series looking at how you can learn to kitesurf 3 x faster, by answering the question, “What’s the fastest way to learn to kitesurf?” This time looking at the all important element of getting fit before you’re kitesurfing lessons to ensure you can get the absolute most of your time under instruction. … Read more
  • Kitesurf Specific Resistance Band Workout
    The NTX Program When I first started training people to get fit for kitesurfing, I was all about slow movements and big weights. It took me a few years to realise that to train for a sport as nuanced as kitesurfing isn’t just a case of going and throwing weights around in a gym or … Read more
  • How Understanding Your DNA Can Improve Your Kiting
    Genetic testing has opened up whole new worlds to those of us in pursuit of optimal human performance (or just those who want to be better kiters!). For the first time ever we can understand our underlying genetic predispositions and design our nutrition, our exercise, our lifestyle around them and thus radically upgrade our performance … Read more
  • The Friday Lowdown – March 6th 2020
    Those damn bugs… We are all reading about the Coronavirus in the news, but there is not much chat about what is happening regarding the Chinese economy. Why is that an issue to us? Well 80% of kite products come from China…. In a normal year, the Chinese new year, which was last month, is … Read more
  • The Quest To Become A Kick Ass Kitesurfer #2
    Defining exactly what I mean by “kick ass” and detailing how I plan to get there: Join the VIP Coaching Club >>
  • Complete Kitesurf Specific Bodyweight Workout
    Get fit to kitesurf, no gym or equipment needed. LEARN MORE Kitesurf More Often, Stay Out Longer, Progress Faster & Have More Energy On The Water With The NTX System.
  • How To Learn To Kitesurf 3 x Faster – Part 1
    One of the questions I get asked all the time by people just starting their journey into kitesurfing is, “What’s the fastest way to learn to kitesurf?” In this video I start to answer this question giving you some great tips for how to get up and riding in less time with less frustration. Check … Read more
  • The Friday Lowdown – Feb 28 2020
    Potential lowering of kitesurf prices…? This week Airush quietly released their new safety system, not something which normally generates a lot of excitement, but the Airush ISO chicken loop application is now rubber-stamped. This is actually big news in the kitesurf industry as it means no more expensive lawsuits having a stab at money making through the design of … Read more
  • Bar Throw & How It Affects Your Kite
    Does the amount of throw on your bar affect your riding, can you safely change it and why is it set the way it is set? Get fit to kitesurf with our FREE 4 week kitesurf specific workout. GET THE WORKOUT
  • How To Shorten Your Kitesurfing Lines
    Learn to kitesurf faster, more safely and have more fun doing it by converting your bar from its normal full length lines to half or even quarter length lines. Click the button to knock WEEKS off your time learning to kitesurf and save HUNDREDS on your lesson costs: CLICK HERE
  • This Workout Error WILL Harm Your Kiting
    There is one mistake I see kitesurfers making all the time in the gym which can really hurt their performance on the water…   GET OUR KITESURF SPECIFIC 7 DAY WORKOUT
  • If I Was Learning to Kite Again, Here’s How I’d Do It
    One of the questions I get asked by people just starting their journey into kitesurfing is, “If I was learning to kitesurf again how would I do it?” Well over the years I’ve given this a rather large amount of thought…mainly so I could improve the way I teach and I’ve nailed it down to a … Read more
  • How To Use Short Lines To Learn Faster
    Which exercises do you do with which length lines? does it matter which brand or size of kite you use with short lines? And more…
  • What is Front Stalling & how to avoid it
    Front stalling or Hindenburging the kite is one of the worst sensations as a kitesurfer. In this video we look at what causes it and how to avoid it. Check out the course and knock weeks off your time learning to kitesurf – Click HERE >>
  • 2 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Kiting
    So we talked last week about how static stretching is probably not what you want to be doing before you go kitesurfing…if you missed that post you can check it out here >> So what can you do instead? Well the first thing I recommend for my clients is dynamic stretching. Dynamic (or ballistic) stretches … Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Stretch Before Kitesurfing
    I have a mate and every time we go to the beach he has to spend 20 minutes stretching before he hits the water. Now he also expects me to launch his kite so inevitably I (being the kind and considerate chap I am) end up sitting through his impromptu Yoga session with gritted teeth waiting … Read more
  • Is Your Couch Killing Your Kitesurfing?
    When you ask most kiters what they are doing after a session the reply is surprisingly similar, normally involving the sofa, Netflix and a few beers while they recover and mull over the days session. “And why not” I hear you say, “I’ve damn well earned it.” And I wholeheartedly agree. Here’s the thing, since 1960 the … Read more
  • Improve Your Kitesurfing Stamina ?
    We have all heard of the major muscles, the biceps, the pectorals, the hamstrings etc. Supporting these muscles and ensuring they move in the right way are much smaller muscles, one’s we generally haven’t heard about. Let me introduce you to the stabiliser muscles, these are a kitesurfers secret weapon. When we go to gym … Read more
  • When I First Started Kiting I Had NO Idea…?
    When I first started getting serious about improving my kiting whilst I was off the water, I had no idea where to start. So the first place I went was my doctors, after all, who knows more about health?  I asked him ”Doc, I feel ok, but I want to feel amazing, can you help?” My … Read more
  • Kitesurf More, Ache Less
    Ever heard of the Adaption Response? While we are training (or kiting) at high intensity we are breaking down our bodies by causing micro tears in our muscles (amongst other things). Once we leave the gym or get off the water we must allow time for the Adaption Response to do it’s work. It’s during this … Read more
  • Get Kitesurf Fit in 15 Mins a Week…?
    In a study at McMaster University in Canada, 2 groups were tested to see how long it took them to cycle 18.6 miles. One group then went on to perform a high intensity workout on a stationary bike, comprising 30 seconds of intense bike riding at 250% of their VO2 max, followed by 4 minutes … Read more
  • Is The Gym Harming Your Kiting?
    It’s that classic gym rat question: “How much do you bench?” It’s something I hear a lot on the beach amongst kitesurfers. And it drives me crazy! Many kiters seem to believe, by being able to bench press bigger weights they are going to see bigger benefits on the water. This mentality is more than … Read more
  • Your Two Brains (And it’s not what you think gents!)
    You were born with 2 brains. One of them is awesome at kitesurfing. The other one sucks..big time. The awesome brain I call the animal brain, the sucky one, the human brain. The animal brain is incredible at pretty much everything, it’s faster, more accurate and requires much less looking after than the human brain. … Read more
  • Does Your Job Affect Your Kitesurfing?
    You might think it’s obvious that if you have a tough day at work you’re going to have a worse than usual session on the water afterwards. What you may not realise is just how closely related those two things are. In a study by S. Macora, subjects sat and played a simple and fairly … Read more
  • Landing that next trick is all in your head…
    Scientists used to believe, and indeed some of the older neurologists still do believe, we are born with a fixed number of brain cells and with time, these slowly die, never to be replaced. The rate of death is increased as we do things such as bang our head against things, drink too much and … Read more
  • Is There A Perfect Diet For Kitesurfers…?
    Check out our kitesurfing case study how you can: Improve your kitesurfing when there’s no wind Is there a perfect diet for kitesurfers… Probably not. But… that doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfect diet for you as a kitesurfer… Confused? Let me explain… Just how we all look different on the outside, we are even … Read more
  • Building a Workout Around The Wind
    One of the hardest parts of keeping fit for kitesurfing is sticking to a consistent fitness regime which is flexible around the wind. Obviously when it’s windy you want to kite as much as you can, when it blows for a few days in a row this can mean by the time the wind stops … Read more
  • Kitesurf Q & A Session – Oct 25
    In this session we cover: The 2 types of waterstart – 1:00 Progression time from water starting to Wave Riding – 12:00 Differences in water starting a twin tip as opposed to a strapless directional – 20:31 When should you be flying a kite on your own (as opposed to with an instructor) – 21:28 … Read more
  • Kitesurf Q & A Session Oct 18 – 2018
  • Wish these had been around in my time teaching…
    Learn to Kitesurf 3 x Faster (even if there’s no wind) The 1 thing you can do now to MASSIVELY speed up your time learning to kitesurf. It’s FREE & you don’t need wind to do it! CLICK HERE >>
  • The Biggest Problem We Face As Kitesurfers
    And The ONLY Way That You Can Overcome It. Check out the Free Web Class Where We Run Through ALL the Ways You Can Improve Your Kitesurfing When You’re OFF The Water. Check Out The Free Web Class >>
  • 30 Day Intro To The NTX System
    Here is the basic outline for what I’m going to be covering in the next 30 days on our live morning sessions in our Facebook group. It isn’t necessarily in order and I’m sure it will change over the course of these 30 days based on feedback and suggestions from you guys, but I’m just … Read more
  • Wondered How You’d Train For Kitesurfing At The Olympics?
    Dimitri Maramenides style… Get Fit To Kitesurf Grab my 7 day kitesurf specific workout routine HERE >>
  • Discovering The French Coast
    Amazing how some parts of Europe can look like the Caribbean. Get Fit To Kitesurf Grab my 7 day kitesurf specific workout routine HERE >>
  • Getting Up Onto The Foil
    Today I talk to Rob from again who gives me some tips for the next stage in my learning to foil adventure. This time we’re looking at the rise and glide, actually getting out of the water and up on to the foil. To check out the video on progressions website Click here >> … Read more
  • How To Self Rescue With A Kitesurf Foil Board
    Haha…perfect timing, was doing a LOT of this yesterday! Watch Me Learn To Foil Board If you want to follow my progress as I learn to foil board subscribe to our YouTube channel (and don’t forget to ring the bell when you do)
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