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Mastering The Bodydrag in Kitesurfing

Body Dragging With The Board
The body drag is one of those area’s of kitesurfing that seems simple at first glance but has a lot of nuances to it that can trip you up at all stages. Here we go through the entire bodydrag sequence from entering the water to bodydragging like a boss. The course I mention in t
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Why you’re already riding upwind (even if you’re still doing the walk of shame)

Most people think that it takes ages to ride upwind in kitesurfing. What we’ve seen is that most people actually get this part pretty quick but it’s another crucial mistake that prevents them from staying upwind and strutting the walk of fame. The link I mention in the epi
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How To Waterstart in Light Wind

In todays episode we look at how to waterstart in light winds. This is something that a LOT of people struggle with and it’s normally due to the same mistake, which is easily correctable. The link to the podcast mentioned in the video is: https://www.tantrumkitesurf.com/definiti
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If I was learning to kitesurf again today, what would I do differently?

In todays episode of The Tantrum Show I talk about the major changes I would make to the way I learned to kitesurf to make it quicker and less frustrating! If you like this subscribe to our YouTube Channel at:Tantrum Kitesurf’s Channel on YouTube The link I talk about in the vid
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Talking Safety

In this episode of the Tantrum Show we’re talking safety including: The time when we make the biggest safety mistake every kiting session When you don’t need to self rescue The ONLY thing you need to remember when you do need to self rescue And much more. For more like thi
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