Save 100’s Learning to Kitesurf

One of the things that has really frustrated me over my 12 years of teaching kitesurfing is the amount of money and time people waste on lessons.

Honestly, I know that 95% of people that come to me for lessons could learn in half the time that it ends up taking them which would result in saving hundreds on their lesson costs.


Most people don’t realise that there are some really simple things that they can do before they come to learn to kitesurf which radically increase their learning time while also cutting the amount of cash they need to spend on lessons in half.


The answer is really simple…

Through a few simple exercises and the correct knowledge you can fly through your lessons at an incredible speed. By knowing:

  • How to make sure you are fit/strong enough to kitesurf…even if you’ve never been to a gym!
  • Things to practice when there is no wind which will knock days off your learning time by pre training you in the most difficult aspects of kitesurfing in an easy and fun way, so when you come to do them in your lessons everyone thinks you’re a natural.
  • How to modify the lessons you are taking to learn 3 times faster…I can prove this is 3 times faster and not some overhyped marketing speak.
  • If you’re a little worried about safety or previously had an accident learning to kitesurf, how to ensure you take lessons in the safest possible way while still learning at the fastest rate you can.
  • How to choose the optimal location and school based on what you want to do with your kitesurfing…this one actually makes a huge difference to your overall progression and can change the speed you learn to kite at for years afterwards.
  • All the knowledge you need so you don’t have to spend time in a classroom when you’re on your course (normally paying by the hour) as you’ll already know all the theory…in many cases you’ll know more than you’re instructor!

To get all this information across I’ve spend the last year building a course designed to be taken before or concurrently with your kitesurfing lessons. A course which ensures that you fly through your lessons in record time.

But hang on why am I telling you this…?

I offer lessons and isn’t it in my interests to keep you here as long as possible so I can make more money out of you?

This is certainly the way that some schools operate but to my philosophy has always been to get people up, riding and independent as fast as possible. As this simply works out better in the long term as in the future when they have a question they are much more likely to turn to me for the answer.

So here’s what you’ll get:

  • Bi weekly Q & A calls with me (can’t make a call, no worries send me in your question and I’ll answer it on the call anyway) I included this because I really didn’t want this to be the typical online course where I just throw a tonne of information at you and then leave you to figure it all out for yourself, so we can address any issues that come up and get you back on track.
  • Access to our online mastermind course with all the knowledge you need to be more knowledgeable than your instructor!
  • Kitesurfing cross over training module, designed to start you cross training you immediately in the things you do so that everyone thinks your a natural on your course and you fly through in record time.
  • Supercharge your lessons…how to pick the optimum location, school and type of lessons to ensure that you make the absolute most of every second you spend under a kite and save literally hundreds learning to kitesurf.

Now the cost for this is only 97 € and when you think that it’ll most likely save you 3 – 4 times that on the cost of learning to kitesurfing plus save you weeks if not months of wasted time it’s worth a lot more than that.

But that’s not all, if this doesn’t pay for itself by saving you at least the price of the course off your lessons I’ll give you your money back no questions, no hassle, no hard feelings.

So you really have nothing to lose.