Why You Need To Go Snowkiting

It’s Adventurous

Imagine skimming across a frozen lake, hearing the cracks and groans underneath you. Imagine riding up a hill, needing no lift pass, then being able to pick your line back down again. Snowkiting gives you these unique experiences, where it takes you only your imagination can hold you back. With less natural restrictions on where you can Kite than Kitesurfing, Snowkiting can take you to incredible places.

You Will Progress Your Kitesurfing Hugely

With a flat surface, no waves and no crowds, Snowkiting can help improve your Kitesurfing skills, no matter your ability. From the minute you are up and Kiting, you will find you progress much more quickly than on the water. Things like upwind riding and linking turns will happen really quickly to you. Being able to receive tips and instructions while Kiting or on the lake means you get instant feedback, rather than being back on the beach, then having to battle back out through the water to put things into practice.

The Feeling is Like Nothing Else

Snowkiting is a very unique feeling, It’s a calm, relaxed feeling as you silently glide over the snow or ice. It is a feeling you will want to experience again and again, only coming in when your legs have given up on you!. Trust us, as experienced Kitesurfers, Snowkiting is completely different and utterly magical.

Finland is a Fantastic Country to Explore

Full of friendly, warm welcoming people, Finland is an amazing country. Saunas, Reindeers and Snow is the cliches, and they are all true!. A Sauna is part of everyday life here and the perfect way to relax after a day of Snowkiting. Being in the outdoors, even in midWinter is ingrained into every Finn, so life does not stop in the Winter months. You will see plenty of people out Cross Country Skiing, Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling, all making the most of their stunning natural surroundings.

Lahti is amazing even when the wind doesn’t blow

Lahti is a large, buzzing town only 100 km north of the capital, Helsinki. Its Finland’s winter sports capital, home to a huge sports complex comprising of 3 scary Ski Jump’s (home to 2017’s World Championships), 170 km of Cross Country Ski trails, and an Ice Hockey stadium (host to regular games by the mighty Lahti Pelicans). On the outskirts of town, with views towards the lake, is Messila Ski resort, Southern Finland’s largest Ski centre. It’s a well run, friendly place with plenty to keep all levels stoked. 11 slopes, 2 snow parks, 2 cafes, 2 restaurants and a large Ski hire centre complete the place.

Come the evening and there is plenty of options for food and drink, from small bistros to larger ones in Casinos, nightclubs to Karaoke bars. Finns love Karaoke, so after a few Teerenpeli’s or Karhu’s will you be able to resist its siren call?!.