The Snow Kiting Camp

Discover The Majestic Sport of Snow Kiting with UNLIMITED HOURS INSTRUCTION

Snowkiting is quite simply the most beautiful sport I have ever done.

The majesty and effortless is quite simply breathtaking, The silence in the air as you are propelled without effort across a landscape so wild and alien is perfectly reflected in the stillness in your mind as you do it.

It is quite literally movement without effort, effortless grace and a majestic sense of freedom that I have never felt in 20 years of thrill seeking.

At some points I found myself riding and asking the question am I moving?

Not because there is no sense of motion but because there is no sense of effort, the lack of friction with the snow, the silence and the easy pull from the kite cause something inside you to melt away and the sense of oneness with the elements and the force of nature combine in an almost spiritual way…in short it’s BLOOMIN amazing!

So if it’s flow, losing yourself to nature, adventure and the option of adrenaline that you’re looking for…prepare to fall in love.


Realistically anyone who can kitesurf, snowboard or ski can be up and riding in a matter of minutes. We would recommend that to get the most out of the week you have some experience of flying kites before hand however.

Snow kiting isn’t just for boarders, is actually easier on ski’s, so for those of you that ski but don’t board it’s no problem. Of course, if you want to learn to board this is a really easy way to get into it.

The great thing about this sport is how easy you can dial in skills that can take months whilst kitesurfing. One of our test monkeys on the first trip had never ridden upwind on the water and within 3 seconds (I’ve timed it…I had it on video) was riding upwind. What is important about this is that this skill transferred back to the water when he went back to kitesurfing.

As for me I dialed several tricks in minutes that I had been working on for months here in Tarifa.

So if you’ve completed one of our Learn to Kitesurf Camps you’re in the perfect position to come on this camp and really dial in your riding, in an amazing (and easier) setting.

However if you’re at any level and looking to improve rapidly this is the camp for you.

Or maybe you’re just looking to add another dimension to your kitesurfing. Snowkiting really is a totally different experience to kitesurfing and is much more an adventure sport than a resort sport, and will give you many, many backcountry winter options once you’ve mastered the basics.

What Makes Us Different?

What’s Included?

  • UNLIMITED HOURS SNOWKITING WITH INSTRUCTION – As long as you’ve got the energy, we’ll be on the snow and you’ll be on the board.
  • Airport Transfers From Helsinki Airport
  • Accommodation in our Upgraded SnowKiters House.
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day, prepared fresh in front of you
  • Video Feedback
  • All our coaches are experts in The (No) Tantrum Method of teaching, we have hacked kiting to ensure you learn faster, safer and with a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Full Unlimited Hours Lift Pass on days of no snowkiting. (the resort is floodlit and open from 10 – 8 most days)
  • Snowkiting Conditioning – Keep yourself in top physical condition for Snowkiting with our specially formulated conditioning.
  • Sauna Every Day
  • Full Liability Insurance
  • Unlimited Snowball Fights