Thank You & Coaching

Thank you friend, I genuinely hope this helps you fix your knee problems.

Just to let you know, if you feel like you need my help with this I offer a coaching program which runs right alongside what I teach in this mini-book.

Is this necessary? 

Absolutely not. 

If you just run through what’s in the mini-book you should be gold. 

That said, coaching does generally speed things up and allows me to personalise the experience to you and your body (which do occasionally throw curve balls at us!).

This is not a one time special offer or anything like that so if you start the program and realise you need this coaching the price will still be the same, just email me and I’ll hook you up.

But if you want into the 4 week coaching program here’s what it looks like:  

You get a weekly, in person, live group call with me and 24/7 DM message access to me so you can ask me anything and get a reply within hours (don’t ask me about relationships…I’m rubbish!).

You’ll also get access to our app where you’ll find all the exercises laid out for you to follow with an accompanying video and your exercises pre loaded into a calendar so you can track them. 

It’s £27.

Yes I know, this is possibly the worst sales page ever, but I’m genuinely fed up of high pressure marketing tactics and just want to be real with you…so there you go.