Wakeboarders Learn to Kitesurf 2 – 3 Days Quicker

Wakeboarding is the ULTIMATE no wind cross over activity for kitesurfing. We find that typically wakeboarders learn to kitesurf 2 – 3 days faster than anyone else as the board skills required are so similar. Not only is the board start EXACTLY the same (and this is the part most would be kitesurfers struggle with) but once they get the board on their feet, wake boarders know exactly what to do. This virtually eliminates the need to learn the water start and board riding skills, so all you’ll need to worry about is the kite.

Wakeboarding will teach you the essential board skills you’ll need to master kitesurfing & is the perfect no wind day option.

Our wakeboarding setup is designed to get you practicing the board start and basic board riding skills, that we can then translate to kitesurfing. If you’re coming looking for perfect glass water and the latest ski boat you won’t find it here.

Dial Down on Board Skills

Having this many options means you can really dial down into your technique and get your board riding skills perfect in the environment that works best for you. Building your board skills and working on the all important water start in a controlled environment, whilst having a LOT of fun. Wakeboarding works on your kitesurfing skills like no other sport and this is the reason why most kitesurfing pro’s spend their no wind days wakeboarding.

In addition to which it’s a great day out. Sitting on our boat watching the dolphins playing and your mates cruising in the middle of the straits is a great way to spend the day.

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