The NTX Program

Kitesurf More Often, Stay Out Longer & Have More Energy When You’re Out There in 4 Weeks

(Even if there’s no wind!)

  • ★ Have The Stamina To Spend More Time On The Water
  • ★ Recover Quicker & Kitesurf More Often
  • ★ Get Kitesurf Strong
  • ★ Injury Proof Yourself & Get Rid Of Aches & Pains
  • ★ Be More Flexible
  • ★ Hit The Water With Energy To Burn
  • ★ Shift Any Extra Kilos (and feel great in your wetsuit ?)
  • ★ Progress Faster
  • ★ Bounce Back From Injury In A Third Of The Time
  • ★ Kitesurf With More Confidence

With The Kitesurf Specific NTX Program

The NTX Program

The NTX Program


Kitesurf Conditioning

Get out more and have more fun while you’re out there.



Kitesurf Specific Fuel

Get the most out of every single session and look great in your wetsuit ?



Advanced Recovery

Recover faster in between sessions, so you can get out more



Eliminate Aches & Pains

Rip harder, for longer



​Injury Proof Yourself

Heal Like Wolverine



Delivered Online

No Travel Needed



Live Coaching With Sam

Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf



​Lifetime Access

Welcome To The Tantrum Family


People laughed at me when I proposed this…

When I first proposed the idea of The NTX Program for kitesurfers, many people laughed at me, after all what do health, fitness, strength, nutrition, body composition and peak performance training have to do with kitesurfing?

Well to be honest, quite a lot.

If you take 2 equally skilled kitesurfers and make one of them healthier, faster, stronger, with better body composition. Give them a greater ability to recover and less chance of getting injured, more mental toughness, a more agile mind and greater ability to get into The Zone more often…

Which one of them will perform better, last longer on the water, be able to kitesurf more often, enjoy the sport more and as a result progress faster?

The answer is obvious and that’s why I created The NTX Program.

What You’re Getting:

  • Kitesurf Specific Conditioning – Have more stamina for kiting, get out more and have more fun while you’re out there.
  • Kitesurf Specific Fuel – Get the most out of every single session and feel great in your wetsuit ?
  • Advanced Recovery – Recover faster in between sessions, so you can get out more
  • ​Eliminate Aches & Pains and Improve Flexibility
  • ​Injury Proof Yourself & Heal Like Wolverine
  • ​Weekly Live Coaching With Sam, (Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf)
  • ​Lifetime Access

Our Guarantee

We’re that confident that you’ll LOVE this course that we’re offering a full 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Get on every call, take in all the information and if you’re not happy after 30 days let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.


Kitesurf Specific Conditioning

Have more strength & stamina for kiting, get out more and have more fun while you’re out there.


A full 12 week program of kitesurf specific conditioning designed to improve your kitesurfing whilst you are OFF the water. Focusing on building the OPTIMAL strength, endurance, flexibility and speed you need when you’re on the water whilst being flexible with the wind.

This isn’t just a bunch of workouts that you follow blindly, we do give you some suggested workout plans but we also we go deep into the principles of kitesurfing fitness giving you the knowledge necessary to personalise the program with ease (or even build your own program if you like) and know for sure what you are doing in the gym is actually helping rather than hindering your kitesurfing.

Focussing on the major points of stress suffered by kitesurfers and building strength optimised for kitesurfing throughout a full range of motion you’ll not only see huge gains on the water, you’ll get injured less and recover from injury MUCH faster.

So when you get out on the water you can stay out for longer and perform better with more confidence.

We have several workouts of varying time lengths, so even if you’ve only got 15 mins a week to dedicate to this you’ll notice HUGE gains on and off the water.

These workouts are also designed for kitesurfers, and that means optimal strength for kitesurfing, we won’t be making you huge but instead giving you lean, functional muscle perfect for your needs on the water.

Designed for all ages and fitness levels you don’t need access to a gym, you also don’t need hours each week, we will build you a workout which fits your lifestyle (one of our workouts is literally 15 mins a week and it works great!).

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Kitesurf Specific Fuel

Get the most out of every single session and look great in your wetsuit ?


It’s no good buying a top of the line Ferrari and then putting sunflower oil in the tank. The same is true of your kitesurfing. We’ll take a look at how you can fuel yourself to kitesurf longer, so you can get the very most out of each and every session.

We’ll also be taking a look at body composition because…

Effective body composition when it comes to kitesurfing is crucial and it comes down to one thing…

If your not using it you should be losing it.

A spare tyre will not only slow you down it also means you have to exert much more energy to achieve the same result and need a bigger kite or more wind to even get on the water.

For some of our clients their motivation is less dramatic but no less meaningful, they want to look great in their wetsuit, or more toned on the beach so they feel better about themselves.

Over the 4 weeks you’ll see your body composition changing dramatically as you develop more lean muscle and burn through fat

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Advanced Recovery

Recover Faster In Between Sessions, So You Can Get Out More.


The kiter who can go out, give it 100% and then do it all again tomorrow will inevitably get better faster than one who takes days to recover in-between sessions, they’re also better able to take advantage of the wind when it does blow as they are always ready to go.

Your time when you’re off the water is when the real magic happens, it’s when your body builds new muscles, new neural connections and ensures that each time you get out you’re better than the time before.

By optimising this time properly we ensure that your ready to go what ever, so if the winds great and you’re wanting to kite for several days in a row, you can and you’ll feel as fresh and energised on the 5th day as you did on the first.

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Eliminate Aches & Pains & Improve Flexibility

Rip harder, for longer


Lower back pain is a problem for many kitesurfers, for others it’s their knees, hip, ankle or elbows that seem to bear the brunt of it. This often goes hand in hand with limited flexibility. We look at how to completely eliminate these along with all your other aches and pains using the latest developments in modern science, a healthy dose of biohacking and a dollop of ancient wisdom.

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Injury Proof Yourself

Heal like Wolverine

injury proof kitesurfing

Injury is a constant worry for kiters, not only because it’s painful and inconvenient but it takes us off the water, often for many months at a time.

The frustrating thing is that 99% of injury is totally preventable with the proper preparation, whilst injury that is unavoidable can often be recovered from MUCH faster (often up to 3 times faster) than is commonly believed. We’ll be showing you how to injury proof yourself so the worry of injury when you’re on the water disappears, and how to heal much faster if the unthinkable happens (or if it’s already happened how to get yourself back on the water MUCH faster).

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Weekly Live Coaching with Sam – Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf

15 Years Of Coaching & An Absolute LOVE Of What He Does


Online courses are great but there always comes a point in every course I’ve ever taken where something mentioned doesn’t apply to your situation or just wont work for you. At this stage doubt enters as you start to worry are you dong it right and many times this doubt causes you to give up entirely. Alternatively you push on despite doing it wrong and you end up with completely different results to what was promised (read failure!).

This is where the NTX program is different.

Every week for the duration of the program we have a live call where you can jump on and ask me any questions about the course 1 on 1. So I can clear up any doubts right there and ensure you’re on course to get the results promised.

I will never outsource these calls it’ll always be me (you may wish it wasn’t at times but I’m afraid your stuck with me!).

I’ve spent literally £80,000 and 15 years getting to where I am now and you get access to this experience every week. So you don’t have to spend the money or time!

These calls will be at a time which work for you so wherever you are in the world and whatever your schedule, I make it work.

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Lifetime Access


Yes the course itself is designed to be done so you’re getting huge results in 30 days BUT we’ve given you lifetime access, so you can not only complete it at your own pace you’ll get all the updates we make to this course, for ever.

Because this field is changing so rapidly we make updates to the course material quite often to ensure you always get the most recent information and the most impactful techniques, and you now get it for life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

But I already workout, why do I need this?
Kitesurfing fuel, that sounds like another diet plan.
How much time do I need to commit?
Do you have examples of this working in the real world?
Job/Life/Location means I can’t get out on the water much.
I’m injured or have suffered a bad injury?
I’m not fit or have a condition that means I can’t do intense physical activity.
Can I be a beginner?
I’m already pretty healthy so I don’t think I really need this.
I lack confidence in my kiting.
I don’t have my own kit
Is there a time limit on the course?
I live in Australia or another time zone far from you, will this work for me?
What is performance coaching?
If I don’t want to continue, can I cancel?

But I already workout, why do I need this?

It’s that classic gym rat question:

“How much do you bench?”

It’s also something I hear a lot on the beach amongst kitesurfers.

And it drives me crazy!

Many kiters seem to believe, by being able to bench press bigger weights they are going to see bigger benefits on the water.

This mentality is more than just wrong. It’s probably harmful to their kiting.

Ever see a muscle jacked professional kiter…?

Sure they’re ripped but lean rather than massive.

There is a good reason for this.

Why do footballers not look like rugby players? Why do rugby players not look like gymnasts?

Because there is an optimal strength for each sport and when you surpass this strength you are actually making your life harder.

Think of it this way.

If you’re practicing the bench press in the gym and getting stronger and stronger, that’s great, if your goal is simply to bench press more. If you’re doing it to improve your kitesurfing you have to ask yourself,

“ok well what do I actually need this movement for in kitesurfing?”

The answer for most kiters?

Pushing and pulling the bar.

Does that require you to be able to bench press 300 kilos?


In fact by being able to press 300 kgs you’ve made you’re kiting worse because you’ve now got redundant muscle. Muscle which makes you heavier (and thus less likely to get out in light wind) probably less flexible, slower and in many cases more likely to get injured (unless you have created that muscle in a balanced way, which practically no one I know does).

In short what I am trying to say is there is often a  HUGE  difference between maximum strength and optimum strength in any given sport.

And once you pass optimal you are by definition becoming sub optimal.

Now there is also an optimum level of speed, power, endurance and range of motion in any given sport. And that imbalances in one will often upset all the rest.

Simply rocking up at the gym and doing the latest routine from Men’s Health just wont cut it for kitesurfing, in fact it’ll probably make you worse.

We’ll be creating personalised programs for you that work with the wind, optimised specifically for kitesurfers and tailored to your level and fitness.

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Kitesurfing fuel, that sounds like another diet plan.

Is there a perfect diet for kitesurfers…

Probably not.


that doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfect diet for you as a kitesurfer…


Let me explain…

Just how we all look different on the outside, we are even more different on the inside. Our bio chemical individuality means that we all have very different needs when it comes to diet.

This is why you see so many different diets all claiming to be the one perfect human diet…they probably are for the person pushing that particular diet, but may well, quite literally, kill the next person to come and try them…the next person who is biochemically very different to the one for whom the diet worked.

Dietary needs also change naturally with age and lifestyle changes, it seems obvious that a triathlete will have very different dietary needs to a couch potato but what’s not so obvious are all the much smaller dietary differences that exist between these 2 opposite ends of the scale.

Simply put…

You have to find the right diet for you.

Great…but how to do this?

By figuring out what works for you.

An easy starting point is your ancestry, people from certain regions generally tend to tolerate certain food groups better than others for example:

 – Northern European will probably do better on a diet higher in fish

 – Mexicans, Hispanics, Chinese generally require more folate-rich foods such as leafy greens.

 – Japanese & Continental Europeans do better when consuming diets higher in starch

 – Those of European descent are more likely to be lactose tolerant.

Of course these are very generic guidelines and there’s huge amounts of variation within these populations….take it for what it is a starting point.

If you want to go into more detail, then a genetic test will not only give you in depth ancestry data but can also highlight certain genetic factors which influence what you should be putting on your plate.

Factors such as if you have a MTHFR or an APOE-4 genetic mutation which might mean you want to eat more folate and muscle meat or cut down on saturated fat respectively.

This is a HUGE reason why being vegan works like a charm for some people and nearly kills others. To give you just one example, we have a gene which is directly responsible for the conversion of AHA into DHA. DHA is absolutely critical for the smooth running of many, many processes in the body and so it’s essential we get enough of it. (DHA is basically what makes fish oil so great for us)

AHA is the form of DHA found in plants. Our body has to then process AHA to turn it into DHA. Now the only plants DHA is available in is algae, in all other plants it is only available in its AHA form. So if you posses a faulty AHA converting gene then it is going to be VERY difficult for you to get enough DHA on a vegan diet unless you’re eating a tonne of algae. So if you posses this gene and you’re vegan and you’re not your supplementing with algae DHA, you’re very likely going to face major health issues later in time.

I’m not picking on vegans here this is simply one example, I’ve seen many vegans who are amazing athletes. The fact is the same could really be said for any diet that isn’t based on your biochemistry.

On top of this you can run food sensitivity tests which will tell you which foods to avoid. These are becoming increasingly more accurate over time and while not cheap, adhering to the results and eliminating the recommended foods can shift the dial enormously for many people.

You could also run a detailed gut/microbiome test to see if you have any underlying issues, such as IBS, leaky gut or underlying parasites.

This test will also go a long way to identifying the specific bacteria (good or bad) present in your gut which can help us identify which foods to include to encourage the good bacteria to thrive whilst starving out the ones we don’t want.

We’ll be starting you down the journey of biochemically determining your diet by looking at the common food groups which might be suspect for you based on the biochemical markers we have available (don’t worry it’s no where near as technical as it sounds!) and fine tuning your diet so you get the most bang for your buck through small but impactful changes.

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How much time do I need to commit?

The idea of the program is that you can do it at your own pace and don’t need to spend any time on the water to get the results.

During each week we will have one weekly call lasting between 30- 60 minutes and there will be stuff you can be doing during the week in your own time (especially at the early stages) but how much time you put in is completely up to you and 15 – 30 minutes a day or every other day should be more than enough (sometimes a bit more, sometimes less).

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Do you have examples of this working in the real world?

Well, apart form our 100’s of past and present clients there was one man who inspired me more than anyone while creating the NTX program…a man called Tom Brady.

Tom started his career as a quarterback very quietly as a new player to the NFL, he was nothing special and no one really ever expected him to be anything other than average.

He obviously wasn’t too happy about this as he had dreams of the Super Bowl. The problem was by the age of 25 he was on the brink of giving up. He was in pain all the time from the intense training, he wasn’t getting any better and worst of all his future in the NFL was very much in doubt.

He was pissed off and disillusioned. 

Now at the time the perceived wisdom in the the NFL was to wreck players on the training pitch and on match day, pump them full of drugs to hide the pain and shove them back out on the field to continue either training even harder or getting beat up again.

After one particularly intense training session when Tom really didn’t think he could carry on the team doctor came to give him the usual pain killing injection and something snapped, he broke tradition and refused to take the drugs, he was going to find his own way.

He realised that his aching limbs, his inability to improve, his stagnation as a player was not due to a lack of painkillers.

He didn’t need more time on the pitch getting beat up, he didn’t need more technical knowledge or to lift bigger weights.

What he needed to do was find a way that his body could naturally improve, could recover faster, so he could push him self harder on the training pitch than anyone else and didn’t need the drugs to get him through, could incorporate the lessons he had learned that day on the pitch more quickly and then have them ready to be utilised the next day so he constantly progressed.

Could be faster, stronger and more focussed than the next guy and do it day after day after day.

About that time there was a load of new research coming out on advanced ways to stimulate the body to recover faster and grow new muscle quicker, to upgrade the brain to work more quickly and learn faster…Tom working with a bunch of experts incorporated all these natural methods into his lifestyle.

And promptly became the laughing stock of the NFL. Him and his hippy methods were ridiculed by players, coached and doctors alike.

Tom stuck to his guns, he continued to believe in what he was doing kept using the same techniques, kept the same methods of training.

After a few months something amazing happened. 

He started to improve…at rates never before seen.

Tom was 25 when he had his “ah ha” moment. He’s now a 6 x Super Bowl winner (the most of any player and he won his last one this year) and the greatest quarterback of all time.

One more important fact…

He’s 41…and still going strong…in fact for the last 5 years he’s performed better on every single test the team runs him through, than the previous year…he’s getting better with age!

What’s awesome about this is that when you can apply the principles that Tom applied to your kitesurfing you can see the same results he did. And the best thing is Tom did this entirely OFF the training ground, just like we can do this entirely OFF the water.

Tom explained it in a really simple way.

“Look I spend at most 1 – 2 hours practicing a day…at MOST, the human body simply can’t take any more, so I figure I’ve got 22 maybe 23 other hours in the day, every day. Simple maths tells me that how I spend those hours will have more influence on the gains I make in the 1 – 2 hours. If I want to train hard I have to prepare to train even harder.”

It’s the same in our kitesurfing…it’s what we do OFF the water that’s important and which leads to exponential gains on the water.

Job/Life/Location means I can’t get out on the water much.

Not a problem at all. As we’ll be working on all the things you can do OFF the water so that when you do get out again, you’ll notice MASSIVE improvements no matter how long it’s been.

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I’m injured or have suffered a bad injury?

Then I would definitely encourage you to get onboard.

I’ll be working with you personally to overcome the challenges associated with this. We’ll build you a program that helps you to recover faster and stronger and also looking at the psychological scars injury often leaves. Which leads to the fear of trying something new that stops people from pushing themselves.

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I’m not fit or have a condition that means I can’t do intense physical activity.

No problem. The program is set up to go at your pace. So while we will be looking at fitness we will be tailoring it specifically to you at all times.

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Can I be a beginner?


Being a total beginner and coming into the program is a very, very smart idea. Basically you’re taking a few years off your progression time and are focusing from day 1 on the processes and practices that will actually work while you improve your kitesurfing

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I’m already pretty healthy so I don’t think I really need this.

I thought exactly the same thing when I first started to build the NTX program,

So I went to my doctors to get a second opinion and said ”Doc, I feel ok, but I want to feel amazing.”

My doctor looked at me and said, “Ok great, what symptoms so you have.” 


“Hmmm…nothing really I guess”


“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you young man.”

I must have looked pretty disappointed as he told me something then that has stuck with all these years and fair play to him for doing so. He said

”As doctors we are only trained to cure sickness, you get ill, you come to us, we fix you. But if you’re not sick there’s nothing we can do. We have a model of what is called health care but it is in fact sickness care. Health care would be ensuring people never got sick in the first place!”

He obviously had a bit of time on his hands as he went over to his white board and started drawing and this is what he drew…

“You see most of us peak in our natural performance between the ages of 15 – 20, some of us the athletes and those who look after them selves manage to stay there a bit longer, maybe 25-30 after that it’s generally a long slow decline towards death…cheery.”

“What most people don’t realise is that this isn’t inevitable. In fact there are some people who seem to totally avoid this decline altogether.”

I thought of Tom at 41 and still dominating the NFL.

“You see, It’s generally our lifestyle that leads to this. We eat crap, we neglect sleep, we work too hard and for too long, we party too much, we don’t exercise or over exercise, we spend too much time being stressed. In short we abuse our bodies and our bodies get worn down as a result.”

“So by the time we reach 30, most of us are operating at 50% of their full potential, at most.”

Then he flashed a grin at me and said…“That’s where I come in,”.

“It’s at about this stage that people start coming to see me, lack of energy, can’t sleep, gaining weight, feel tired, depression if they’re unlucky it might be some industrial disease, CFS, IBS or something else with a label. All of which are a sure sign that their are falling down the performance scale.”

“So there’s still not a lot we can do at this stage as they generally don’t have any true symptoms in the medical sense, and so as doctors we have nothing to work with.”

“So they start to self medicate.”

“They drink coffee to wake them up in the morning, alcohol to knock themselves out in the evening and energy drinks to get through the day. They throw down painkillers, start doing crash diets which of course although they may provide temporary relief actually generally throw the body into greater chaos reducing their performance even more long term.”

“The insidious problem here, is that all their friends are showing similar symptoms as well. So they think their problems are normal and chalk it up to old age.”

“The problem you realise is that this belief that symptoms are normal and simply a sign of growing old is a world wide delusion..…I’m telling you after 25 years as a doctor…symptoms are common in our western world…they are NEVER normal. It’s just that we pretty much ALL suffer from them and so believe that they are.”

Wow I thought this is interesting. So I asked,

“Ok so now you come to mention it, I am noticing I’m not as energetic as I used to be, I struggle more at the gym and on the water, I don’t sleep as well, I get bloated after eating and I’m starting to put on a few pounds…do you think that means that I’m not performing as well as I could be…?”

“Young man…” he said, looking me up and down, “I believe you are exactly here on this chart…” pointing to the 50% mark.

Wow…and I was the healthiest person I knew!

He continued, “Right now you have 2 choices carry on as you are and continue this slow decline in to death or do something about it and take your performance back up to 100%.”

“I can do that?” I said.

“Oh God yes…”

“Think of your body like a car…a high performance sports car.”

“Now you take that car and put crappy fuel in it, drive it like a maniac, crash it a few times and never take it for a service or to see a mechanic. in 20 years that car will be ready for the scrap heap.”

“But if you take that car and put a new engine in, replace all the parts with new ones, loving restore the body work, you can restore it to its former glory…because technology has advanced in those 20 years, it can actually be made better.”

“Biology works like this, but it’s easier because it does all the work itself, you just have to give it the inputs it needs to do it’s job…which is actually a lot simpler than people think.”

I left his office inspired…

I spent 8 years straight studying every diet, every bio hack, every emerging technology that could help me do this, 

I took a load of courses, ran experiments using myself as a human test monkey, I went to remote parts of the world in search of ancient wisdom and the latest cutting edge labs to understand the very latest developments in science,

I talked to the most esteemed experts, athletes and peak performers on the planet…to literally re write my DNA

The result….

After 6 straight months off the water I got back out and landed 3 new tricks straight away and was substantially better than the last time I had been out. Rather than getting out once a month if I was lucky, my new found energy meant that I was getting out whenever the wind blew…in fact living in Tarifa I was having to force myself to take days off so I get other stuff done.

I started ironman triathlon training. I was sleeping 9 hours a night, all my other symptoms had cleared up and for the first time in my life I was actually waking up with a massive grin on my face just excited to be alive.

More importantly I also:

  –  Kited better as I was fitter

   Kited more as could recover faster, had better stamina and more energy to get to the beach.

   Turned the voice into a friendly companion

  –  Was able to smash through mental barriers and become MUCH mentally tougher

  –  Improved focus and concentration on (and off) the water

   Became immune to skill fade

  –  Progressed faster

   Gained confidence to kite anywhere in any conditions

   Lost 2 stone

 –  Had ENERGY to BURN

  –  Got rid of all those aches and pains and all those little complaints I always thought were just me getting older.

That’s what the NTX program can do for you.

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I lack confidence in my kiting.

This is a big point for many and can be one of the main reasons that most people do not progress as fast as they want. This whole program is designed to nail this one issue in a BIG way!
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I don’t have my own kit.

No worries, we’re looking at all the stuff you can do OFF the water to improve.

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Is there a time limit on the course?

It’s not a race.  This program is about you, improving at your pace. Once we’ve identified what your goal is we’ll apply the correct processes, focus and measurement to get you moving forward. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro already we’ll get you moving forward.

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I live in Australia or another time zone far from you, will this work for me?

Absolutely. I make myself available at all sorts of weird and wonderful times so we can definitely find something that works for you.

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What is performance coaching?

Mixing ancient wisdom with cutting edge modern science, throwing in a bit of bio hacking and borrowing from the world of elite athletes, special forces and NASA. We’ll be looking at the ways you can optimise you mind and body to give the biggest results on the water with the smallest changes.

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If I don’t want to continue, can I cancel?

Absolutely! Though I doubt you’ll want to when you see the results! But all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll cancel your program straight away no harm, no foul.

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To get started just click the button below, fill in the form and I’ll speak to you soon!


Imagine what your life will be like when:

  • Your muscles are able to kitesurf for longer, at a higher level and so take advantage of every breath of wind,
  • You have better focus and so can keep your concentration when you’re out there,
  • ​You have the confidence to kite in all conditions and to push it every time you’re out.
  • ​You can recover faster after a session so you can get up and do the same again tomorrow and not suffer from the lethargy, aches and pains that you normally get,
  • ​You have the energy to get yourself out whenever there’s wind and not make excuses about it having been a long day or just being too tired,
  • You learn faster,
  • You get injured less and recover faster when you are,
  • You’re more flexible,
  • You rock up at the beach every session with energy to burn,
  • You don’t suffer all those creeping aches and pains,
  • You get rid of the extra weight you’re carrying,
  • You can control The Voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough. The Voice that creates anxiety whenever you visit a new spot, or which just worries incessantly about safety, telling you you’re going to screw up and be a burden to other kiters as they’ll have to rescue you or you’ll get washed up on the beach like a drowned rat….again,
  • ​You get ill less,
  • ​You have faster reflexes and a more agile mind,
  • You are 100% resistant to skill fade and have the mental resilience to push through procrastination, fear and doubt…no matter what, until you land that next trick…