Can Kitesurfing Make Us Happy?

Why do you Kite?

Ask this question of anyone and you get a tonne of different answers. To look cool, to impress chicks/dudes, to travel, to exercise the list goes on and on…If you took all of these answers and boiled them down to the lowest common denominator you would find that, for most of us, we kite to feel a certain way. Kiting allows us to enter into a state, for more of us that state would be best described as happiness.

But what the hell does that mean? What is happiness and if we don’t know what it is can kiting ever give it to us?

Over the next few pages we aim to define what happiness is and argue that kiting can go a long way to making us happier human beings, and as we’ll see, that has many implications outside of kitesurfing, from our wallet to our realationships…

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