Kite-Ski or Kite-Board?

You can do either you want on a Tantrum Snowkite holiday. It will ultimately come down to your personal preference. Kiting with a board will feel the most similar to Kitesurfing, so if you are looking at progressing your skills for the water then this could be the most beneficial to you. When up and riding it is a very natural and comfy stance to be in.

Kiting on Ski’s is if anything, easier to set up the Kite and get going as you will already be stood up on your ski’s. Most Snowkiter’s you will meet in Finland will be on Ski’s (this is due to most Finns being almost born on Ski’s!). The skills you will learn will not be as transferable to the water as if you are on a board (linking turns on the end of a run for example).

What Ski Or Board Level Do I Need To Be At?

You do not need to be at a good level to learn to Snowkite, however having some knowledge will certainly help your progression. This can meet just a couple of lessons at your local dry slope rather than having done lots of seasons riding  black runs in the Alps!.

If you can already Kitesurf but not Snowboard then you will already be at a stage to be comfortably in control of a board while Snowkiting.

The slopes at Messila Ski Centre are fantastic for progressing your Snowboarding or Skiing in a welcoming, friendly environment along with the Tantrum crew. If you want lessons these can be easily arranged (in English) at the centre.

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