UNLIMITED HOURS KITESURFING Adventure Chasing The Wind Along The Most Consistently Windy Coastline In The World

Whilst We Ensure You Have The Energy To Repeat This Day After Day

1 week UNLIMITED HOURS kitesurfing adventure. We go wherever the wind is blowing best, whilst we show you how to stay in peak condition…so you can kitesurf even more

As long as there’s wind you’ll be on the board…

Backed by the Tantrum Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love this course that if, by day 3, you’re not happy with us, let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.

What Makes Us Different?

1 Week Chase The Wind UNLIMITED HOURS Kitesurfing Adventure Includes:
  • UNLIMITED HOURS KITESURFING on the beach where the wind is blowing best with one of our guides accompanying you on and off the water.
  • 6 nights accommodation (Sunday – Saturday) in our converted farmhouse out in the wilds of nature this is the perfect place to disconnect but also only 20mins walk from the centre of Tarifa. Most of our clients come alone so this is a great way to meet your future kiting buddies.
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day (excluding transfer days) prepared to Sam’s exacting standards according to our (No) Tantrum system of health and fitness to GUARANTEE you shed kilos of unwanted body fat over the week.
  • 1 hour private consult with Sam where we go over your health goals and build a personalised plan for you
  • Improve Your Kitesurfing Whilst You’re OFF The Water Peak Performance Program
  • Kitesurfing Specific Fitness Package (and we wont be spending hours in the gym!)
  • No Wind Activities are available (for an extra cost) if we can’t kitesurf. Wakeboarding, Surfing, Paddle Surfing, Mountain Biking and others available on group request or you can just chill out. Wakeboarding is THE BEST cross training for kitesurfing and so is our first choice whenever the wind doesn’t behave.
  • Rescue boat service in the summer months allowing us to teach you on glass flat water whenever the levante wind blows.
  • Beach Transfers (so you don’t need a car).
  • Kitesurf Lessons and Kit Hire (including foil boards and wings for those who want to try) available at booking for an extra cost
  • IKO Certification allowing you to hire kit at other centres upon completion of your course.
  • Full Liability & Accident Insurance

Riding Level:

Must be at least riding upwind, linking turns and performing small jumps

Our Guarantee

* We’re that confident that you’ll LOVE this course that if, once you’ve got to DAY 3, you’re not happy with us, let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.

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Stuff Our Friends Who've Done This Camp Have Said:

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much to Sam & the Tantrum Team for an amazing week.

    Paige Moore, Airush Team Rider
  • Fantastic active holiday, great instruction and fun atmosphere, anyone with a sense for adventure of any age will LOVE!

    Brigitte Sumner, Director of Turnaround Coaching
  • Sam was absolutely awesome, he supported me when I needed some reassurance on my own ability and taught at a very high level.

    Athon Selmes
  • One of the best holidays of my life..what more can I say? Can't recommend Tantrum highly enough!

    Sherry Carlisle, Veterinary Surgeon

The (No) Tantrum Performance Program

Kite Adventure

Building on what we cover in our Get in Shape Holiday we take your health and your performance to the next level

What You Can Expect

Energy: We'll be focussing in on energy this week. After all energy is the key to life. Well show you all the things which are draining your energy and how you can have UNLIMITED energy so you bounce out of bed each morning.

A lot of people write to me after the week telling me they've got so much energy they feel like they're 18 again and that their kids are struggling to keep up with them!

We've already covered the basics of nutrition and fitness so now we dive deep into the lesser known stuff...the little hacks which will take you to the next level in all aspects of your life.

Weight Loss: As with all our weeks you can expect to lose up to 3 kilos of body fat this week without ever going hungry or counting calories, points or macros.

Muscle Gain: Most people gain 1-2 kilos of lean muscle over the course of the week. And this is done without spending hours in the gym...in fact 15 mins a week is often enough. We'll also, of course, build out your personal program so you know exactly what to do when you're back home

Improved Recovery Time: We'll be stealing a few secrets straight from the playbooks of elite athletes and special forces to teach you how to recover from exercise much faster...so you can kitesurf all day, and then get up again the next day and do it all again (this also means you'll have much higher tolerance to stress and be able to deal with a lot more pressure and keep your head).

Resistance to Injury: Our Heal Like Wolverine module will teach you everything you need to know to ensure you become much harder to injure so you can live life with 100% passion all the time.

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Breakfast & Lunch Included


A large problem we faced when we started these camps was most people were exhausted by day 4 and then would simply tread water for the last 2 days due to a lack of energy. We want to make sure you have the energy to last the entire week, whilst still shedding fat and feeling GREAT.

So we teamed up with the top kitesurfing nutritionist, (this lady determines what most of the Kitesurf Pro's eat on a day to day basis) and threw in a healthy dose of cutting edge bio hacking technology, alongside the very latest developments in Sports Nutrition providing you with breakfast and lunch every activity day of your camp to ensure you have healthy energy all day long, for the entire time you're with us.

We'll also be teaching you how to cook most of these recipes so you can keep on eating delicious food when you're back home.

Some Of The Food You'll Be Eating*

*exact recipes may differ depending on ingredient availability. All our recipes are gluten and lactose free.

  • Sweet Potato with an Avocado and Basil Salsa and Fillet of Almadraba Tuna
  • Our famous home grown Pumpkin pie, made with almond flour pastry and a blueberry topping
  • Raspberry Superfood Ice Cream
  • Lambs liver and sweet potato casserole
  • Creamed vegetables, with Yuca and Wild caught Salmon Steaks
  • Disgustingly delicious Chocolate Brownies
  • Surprisingly tasty spinach and cacao smoothie (I know it sounds awful but it's actually a firm favourite!)
  • The BIG Tarifa Salad, green leaves, with beetroot, peppers, sweet potato and prawns all served with a honey, mustard dressing
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Your Accommodation


To make this a truly awesome event we've teamed up with the best accommodation providers in Tarifa. Situated at the gateway to the National Park 2 mins drive from Tarifa is the farmhouse we'll be calling home for the week.

Set in the middle of a Rewilding Project you'll be immersed in nature, whether it's the huge variety of birds and small mammals which call the surrounding land home, or the larger horses, donkeys, goats, chickens (and occasional wild boar) which freely roam the lands.

We've chosen this spot, as part of our ethos is your environment has a huge impact on your health. So by surrounding you with an environment as close to a natural habitat for humans as we can, we'll amplify your gains 10 fold.

With a huge open plan kitchen, open fireplace, giant communal area, outdoor terrace with BBQ and wifi throughout the property you'll be able to relax in comfort at the end of each fun packed day.

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Beach Transfers


We'll take you to and from the beach every day. We'll also be running a shuttle service into town in the evenings for those of you with the energy to get yourselves there!




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The Best Beach Every Day

kitesurf chase the wind

We'll be chasing the wind up and down the coast so whatever conditions you're looking for we can find them and get you out in them. Tarifa is one of the worlds most consistently windy spots but finding the perfect conditions can be difficult especially if you don't know the area.

We know all the secret spots and so can get you out in the conditions your looking for every day there is wind

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Never Wait For Wind - Not Just Kitesurfing


Yes, this is primarily a kitesurfing holiday, BUT we don’t like to sit around on the beach, waiting for wind we cannot control. For this reason we do not depend on wind but instead like to maximise your time here. So if there’s no wind, or the forecast is poor we have a range of other activities you can choose from if you feel like it, like wake boarding, surfing, SUPing or pretty much any other activity you can imagine.

Board Skills Are The Key

So we have picked the best cross over sports, both in terms of the skill sets they provide (which cross over into kitesurfing) but also the conditions they need to work best (ie. no wind). That way wherever you go in the world, whenever there's no wind you'll have something else cool that you can do that will also improve your kiting.

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Epic Days

Kite Holidays

Here's what a typical day looks like:

0800 – 0830: Optional Heal Like Wolverine Session
0830 – 0900: Breakfast
0900 – 1000: Interactive Improve your Kitesurfing Whilst You're OFF The Water Session
1030 – 1100: Active Recovery/Kitesurf Specific Fitness Session
1100 – 2000: Look at the wind and the groups' riding goals and decide which beach we're going to today.  Hit the beach taking a packed lunch and kitesurf our hearts out.
2000 – 2030: Post kitesurf recovery
2030: Day ends – free time, at this time we'll also be giving you our advice to the best restaurants in town which meet your fitness goals.
20:30: Minibus ride into town will be available if wanted by the majority

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Personal Service


We are a small business (and really want to stay that way) we enjoy making friends with our clients and really want to make sure we give a highly personal service. We deliberately only take a few people on any of our holidays at a time (despite all the business consultants I meet telling me I need to expand, expand, expand!), so you can be assured loads of time on the kite and a LOT of attention from our instructors.

We do this for 2 reasons, because we really like getting to know you guys, you really make this job what it is and we want to say “Thank You” by ensuring that you have the best time possible out here with us. There is of course another slightly more selfish reason. You see, I want to be running this business when I’m 95 and the best way I can think of ensuring that I am, is if you go back home and tell all your friends how amazing we are!

We limit numbers on this course very carefully so you can be assured a personal service so our coaches will be able to give you a LOT of attention. However this also means that this course books out quickly so please book early to avoid missing out.

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