Tarifa Beach


Why Kitesurf In Tarifa?

Wind, wind and more wind is the main reason…and thousands come for exactly that reason every year! Tarifa is known as the wind capital of Europe, and it is a reputation well deserved. The wind blows for over 300 days a year here and it is very unusual to have 2 consecutive days with no wind.

In Tarifa a week with less than 5 days of great conditions is pretty much unheard of at any time of the year and it is this reliability that keeps kitesurfers, experts and beginners alike, coming back year after year.

Flat Water

Flat Water Tarifa

For most of the year in Tarifa we have a rescue boat at our disposal. This means we can operate on beaches in Tarifa where it wouldn’t be possible without a boat. This gives us the unrivalled ability to train you on flat water whenever the Levante (easterly wind) is blowing…and it blows for most of the summer!

This alone massively improves your chances of getting up, riding and learning to kitesurf.

Not coming to Tarifa during the summer?

Don’t worry, for the rest of the year we have absolute freedom to use all the beaches up and down the coast. This means that whatever the wind’s doing we can get you to somewhere where you can get out.

Many of these beaches have little used, flat water, shallow lagoons which you can learn in, which are absolutely perfect for mastering the water-start and getting confident riding before setting sail on the open ocean.

Where We Teach

Lessons will be conducted primarily at Los Lances or Punta Paloma beach, 5 & 10 mins drive from Tarifa respectively (which we organise), however we are 100% mobile and so will be moving up and down the coast and the beaches of Tarifa as the wind and waves dictate. Los Lances beach itself is 14km long and about 500m wide so we have plenty of room to fly the kite.

This year Tarifa town council has extended the kitesurf school zone by about 2 km so even in the height of summer we have as much room as we want and are not constantly avoiding other kiters. Tarifa is windy, if you get less than 5 days a week of wind you’re unlucky and most courses get out every day.

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