The Kitesurf GUARANTEED Camp

When You Absolutely HAVE To Kitesurf In 1 Week…GUARANTEED

Our revolutionary (No) Tantrum Method of teaching combined with the most consistently windy kitesurf spot on Earth – Tarifa, Spain…

Absolutely GUARANTEES you’ll be kitesurfing in 1 week

Backed by the Tantrum Guarantees

No Wind…No Pay…Simple.

We’re so confident you will love this course that if, by day 3, you’re not happy with us, let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.

What Makes Us Different?

We’ve chosen this time of year as Tarifa is a better location for learning to kitesurf in October than it is in the summer.

The beaches are empty and the weathers great.

So you’ve got as much space as you could want to make mistakes and learn without worrying about tangling lines with other people.

At this time of year we also have unbridled access to all the possible spots up and down the coast (as there are no sunbathers or beach restrictions in place) so the chances of you getting out on any given day increase dramatically. As if there’s no wind (or more often too much wind!) we simply drive to where it’s better.

What about the temperature and wind?

We’re blessed in Tarifa with a great climate and even in the depths if winter it doesn’t drop much below 18-23 degrees in the day, with clear skies (and most importantly wind!). Last new years day we were at a BBQ on the beach in just boardies and bikini’s.

We also do not rely on traditional weather systems for our wind (instead the Straits of Gibraltar create our very own wind tunnel) and so Tarifa is one of the few places worldwide to truly get wind all year, what’s more in the winter the prevailing wind is the much more pleasant Poniente wind, which generally blows about a force 4, cross onshore and is as constant as it comes.

1 Week Kitesurf GUARANTEED Camp Includes:

  • 6+ hours of kitesurf training every day. Including 21 hours of actual “On The Kite” time spread over the week.
    • When we’re not on the water we’ll be looking at video feedback from the previous day, what you can do off the water to improve your performance on the water and the essentials you need to know to stay safe and progress rapidly.
    • This way we absolutely guarantee that you get out in the best wind of the day and progress even faster in your time under the kite.
  • GET YOUR OWN KITE, this alone doubles your learning speed.
  • Maximum of 1 instructor to every 2 students, so you get personal attention.
  • Wakeboarding, behind our boat or at the local cable park. Wakeboarding is THE BEST cross training for kitesurfing and so we will be doing it whenever the wind doesn’t behave.
  • Accommodation, your own private room in our apartment. Shared with your fellow kitesurfers, most of our clients come alone so this is a great way to meet your future kiting buddies.
  • No Wind…No Pay…Simple!
  • Each camp is run personally by Sam Guest – Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf.
  • Breakfast & Lunch (gluten free) every day prepared to our exacting standards (excluding transfer days).
  • Beach Transfers so you don’t need to hire a car.
  • All our coaches are experts in The (No) Tantrum Method of teaching, we have hacked kitesurfing to ensure you learn faster, safer and with a lot of fun.
  • NTX coaching – covering all the things you can be doing OFF the water to improve your performance ON the water (these will run in the mornings when there is no wind).
  • Video Analysis.
  • Full Kit Hire.
  • Rescue boat service in the summer months allowing us to teach you on glass flat water whenever the levante wind blows.
  • IKO Certification allowing you to hire kit at other centres upon completion of your course.
  • Full Liability & Accident Insurance.
  • Full Kit Insurance.

Not Included – Airport Transfers, BUT…

We will be in touch a few weeks before the camp to help you organise ride shares from the airport (either taxi or if someone is hiring a car, sharing costs on the hire car).

Riding Level:

Total Beginner to Riding Downwind

Our Guarantees

1) No Wind…No Pay…Simple.

2) We’re that confident that you’ll LOVE this course that if, once you’ve got to DAY 3, you’re not happy with us, let us know and we’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.

1 Coach Booked For You ALL Day

In The Most Consistently Windy Kite Spot On Earth


The single biggest barrier to learning to kitesurf is trying to align your free time with the wind. With family commitments, work and just life in general getting in the way these things just don’t line up that often. So when you’re with us we want to make 100% sure that you’re learning in the absolute best wind every single day so you can improve as fast as possible.


Most schools have several classes each day, all booked at pre arranged times. This works great from an organisational point of view but unfortunately the wind doesn’t follow schedules.

So you can often find that someone forgot to tell the wind what time your class was which consequently means you are learning in conditions that are totally inappropriate to what it is you are trying to learn (too much wind, too little wind, too gusty wind).

Unfortunately it’s impossible for the school to change the time as that instructor has another class of students arriving exactly when your class finishes. (and obviously just as you’re walking off the beach the wind comes in perfectly!)

With us you have 1 instructor booked for you for the day meaning we can get you out in the absolute best window of wind for the day. If it’s a particularly good day of wind we can do a few more hours and if it’s not so great we can save up the hours for the next day, ensuring that you make the absolute most of your time here in the absolute best wind.

We base our days on 3 hours a day as we’ve found this is the optimum time for maximum skill retention but still have the ability to be flexible as the wind dictates.

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Get Your Own Kite

Make The Most of Every Breath of Wind


Once you have managed to get out on the water the other major problem that people suffer from is that they may be sharing the kite with another person.

Now we’ve already said that the major problem most people suffer from in learning to kite is aligning their free time with the wind so when you actually manage to do this you HAVE to…

Make the absolute MOST of every precious breath of wind.

This simply does not happen if you are forced to share the kite with another person.

Straight away this means if you have a 3 hour lesson you are only getting 1 1/2 hours actually flying the kite…


When you add in waiting around for your partner, sorting out line tangles and swapping the kite back and forth this can be more like 1 hour.

What’s more your instructor generally has another pair of learners to look after at the same time so during the hour you are flying the kite your instructor is watching you for around half of it (as the rest of it he’s looking after the other pair).

And the worst part…

For that 1 hour of actually flying the kite and 30 mins of instruction you’ve wasted 3 hours of precious wind.

Wind that may not align with your free time for another month, if you’re lucky…

This is why 75% of people that start learning to kitesurf never actually ride.

To solve this we give your own kite so you are actually under a kite getting better every minute we’re at the beach.

This combined with our (No) Tantrum Method of teaching and having chosen the most consistently windy kite spot on earth we can absolutely GUARANTEE that you kitesurf in one week.

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The Right Kite For You Every Day

So You Have The Perfect Setup For Whatever You’re Practicing


The other major problem we see all the time is people paired up in group lessons with someone who is either at a completely different level to them or is a totally different size to them or more normally…both.

Or that the school simply doesn’t have enough kites in each size for all the people they are teaching on one day.

So what?

Let’s take the example of group lessons but you can easily see how the same theory would apply to simply not having enough kites available.

In group lessons you are sharing a kite.

So let’s say you (for example’s sake) are a 85 kg man who is practicing water start sharing the kite with a 60 kg woman who is practicing body dragging.

Common sense and safety here dictates the the school is going to choose a kite size that fits the woman.

If they give her a kite that is powerful enough to get you (the heavier rider) up and riding, they are placing her in a fair amount of danger as that kite is going to be much too powerful for her.

However by choosing a kite that suits her size they have ensured that you have absolutely no chance of EVER succeeding in actually getting up and riding because you are hugely underpowered.

We see cases just like this every day.

For this reason we not only give you your OWN KITE and 1 Coach booked for you for the entire day but also ensure that we have a huge selection of kites for you to choose from every single day.

So you’ll always be on the right kite for you.

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Your Accommodation

Make New Friends Sharing With Your Fellow Kiters


Sharing our apartment in a private room with your fellow kiters 2 mins walk from the beach and 10 mins from the old town.


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Breakfast & Lunch Included

Healthy, Nutritious, Delicious, So All You Have To Do Is Kite


One of the biggest problems we faced when we started these camps was that most people were exhausted by day 4 and then would simply tread water for the last 2 days due to a lack of energy. We want to make sure you have the energy to last the entire week.

So we teamed up with the top kitesurfing nutritionist, (this lady determines what Aaron Hadlow and most of the PKRA World Tour eat on a day to day basis) and threw in a healthy dose of cutting edge bio hacking technology, alongside the very latest developments in Sports Nutrition providing you with breakfast and lunch every activity day of your camp to ensure you have healthy energy all day long, for the entire time you’re with us.


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Beach & Airport Transfers

So You Don’t Have To Hire A Car


We’ll take you to and from the beach every day.

Combined with the fact that we can organise airport transfers for you, this means you don’t need to hire a car which saves you hundreds.




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Never Wait For Wind

Improve Your Kitesurfing Even If There’s No Wind


Yes, we are primarily a kitesurfing company, BUT we don’t like to sit around on the beach, waiting for wind we cannot control.

That said, Tarifa is THE most consistently windy kite spot on Earth so no wind days are rare!

However just in case, we do not depend on wind but have developed a system to maximise your time here. So if there’s no wind, or the forecast is poor we have a range of other activities you can choose from if you feel like it, like wake boarding, surfing, SUPing or pretty much any other activity you can imagine.

Board Skills Are The Key

So we have picked the best cross over sports, both in terms of the skill sets they provide (which cross over into kitesurfing) but also the conditions they need to work best (ie. no wind). That way wherever you go in the world, whenever there’s no wind you’ll have something else cool that you can do that will also improve your kiting.


Wakeboarding is the ULTIMATE no wind cross over activity for kitesurfing and is our go to default in case of no wind (it’s that important that we will be going wakeboarding in the morning even when there is wind)

Wakeboarding will teach you the essential board skills that you can then transfer directly to your kitesurfing & is the perfect no wind day option.

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Throw Away The Rulebook…

We’ll Have You On The Board On Day 1


Using the teachings of some of the greatest skill hackers of our time, adding in the principles of peak performance, zone state technology, the findings of the Flow Genome Project and the results of the 15 years and 10, 000 + hours of teaching time we’ve racked up…

We’ve come up with a system of teaching that will get you on the board MUCH faster…

How does in 1 day sound?

We call this The (No) Tantrum Method.

The (No) Tantrum Method is guaranteed to get you where you want to be faster, safer and with less frustration and is revolutionising the way kitesurfing is taught worldwide.

In a typical learn to kitesurf lesson our methods knock 2 – 3 days off your time to ride, when teaching more advanced tricks they cut your time to execution in half.

Likewise we’ve found the key to learning at record speeds is to make it fun, thus making it effortless. For that reason we structure our coaching very differently to most other training centres & make the entire process a hell of a lot of fun.

This incredibly rapid rate of learning is made possible by 2 factors, which separate us from every other kite school on the planet, our highly advanced teaching methodologies (utilizing cutting edge NLP, the very latest developments in skill hacking methodology and deep learning practices) and our (No) Tantrum Method of teaching, which absolutely maximises every second of wind.

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There’s not really much more to say about this, if we don’t do the full 18 hours of kitesurfing this week (generally due to lack of wind) you don’t pay for the hours that you don’t do, refunded at 27 € an hour.


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Video Feedback

To Supercharge Your Kitesurfing


This has become the secret weapon in our arsenal to get you kiting. Using video feedback and some advanced video coaching software to analyse your technique we show you the mistakes you are making and view yourself next to a pro to really see the minute changes that make all the differences.

Students have described this as THE determining factor in fast forwarding their progression and we have seen massive improvements since introducing it into our camps.



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Interactive Theory Pack

Be A FULLY Independent Kitesurfer


Actually physically learning to kitesurf is only half the battle.

The bit that most courses miss is actually the really important stuff…what kit should you buy? What size kit? What board is best for you? How to care for your kit? We’ll be covering all this and a tonne of stuff more in our interactive theory classes.

Presented by Sam the owner of Tantrum Kitesurf this is your chance to ask any burning questions and give you the confidence to truly call yourself a kitesurfer by the end of the camp.


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Run Personally by Sam Guest – Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf

15 Years Of Coaching & An Absolute LOVE Of What He Does


These camps are the brainchild of the Tantrum Owner Sam and he’ll be personally running each one. Whether it’s your morning chats or down on the beach he’ll be there making sure you have the absolute best experience possible.

It also means he puts his name next to each one, so you get the full benefit of his 15 years of coaching at all levels, you’ll also experience the absolute love he pours into each and every one of these camps.



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We’re a small business…

And really want to stay that way

We enjoy making friends with our clients and really want to make sure we give a highly personal service.

We deliberately only take a few people on any of our kitesurfing holidays at a time (despite all the business consultants I meet telling me I need to expand, expand, expand!), so you can be assured loads of time on the kite and a LOT of attention from our instructors.

We do this for 2 reasons…

We really like getting to know you guys, you really make this job what it is and we want to say “Thank You” by ensuring that you have the best time possible out here with us.

There is of course another slightly more selfish reason…

You see, I want to be running this business when I’m 95 and the best way I can think of ensuring that I am, is if you go back home and tell all your friends how amazing we are!

We limit numbers on this course very carefully so you can be assured a personal service and loads of time on the kite as our coaches will be able to give you a LOT of attention. However…

This also means that this course books out quickly so please book early to avoid missing out.



Our instructors are chosen based not on how good a kitesurfer they are (as we are confident we can quickly make them very good at this) we choose them instead based on…

Their ability to teach

Their ability to communicate effectively

And most important their ability to make learning and your holiday fun for you.

This really shines through, and we are well known in Tarifa as being the friendliest school on the beach.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tantrum family.



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