Learn To Kitesurf 3 Times Faster With…


In The Most Consistently Windy Kitesurf Spot On Earth

With Sam Guest (Owner of Tantrum Kitesurf & Creator of the No Tantrum Method of Teaching Kitesurfing) As Your Coach

And If There’s No Wind…You Don’t Pay…Simple!

Backed by the Tantrum Guarantee

We’re so confident you will love this course that if, by day 2, you’re not happy with your lessons, let Sam know and he’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no problems.


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What Makes Us Different:

Video Feedback

Realtime Video Feedback

THE Secret Weapon In Faster Progression


Wind, Wind, Wind

The Most Consistently Windy Spot On Earth

Private kitesurf lessons with Sam in Tarifa include:

  • Have Sam as your personal coach.
  • GET YOUR OWN KITE, and your own Instructor (this will always be Sam), this alone effectively triples your learning speed.
  • The most consistently windy spot on the planet.
  • No Wind…No Pay
  • kitesurfing-lessons

  • World Class Instruction – Using the (No) Tantrum System – We have hacked kitesurfing to ensure you progress faster, safer and with a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Full Kit Hire
  • Real Time Video Feedback Service to take you to the next level….faster.
  • Use of short lines for teaching, this revolutionary technique of teaching kiting will have you up on the board in HALF the time
  • Rescue boat service allowing us to teach you on flat water whenever the levante wind blows.
  • IKO Certification allowing you to hire kit at other centres upon completion of your course.
  • Full Liability & Accident Insurance
  • Full Kit Insurance
  • Available at booking:
    • Beach Transfers (so you don’t need to hire a car)
    • Photo Pack – 10 photographs of you kitesurfing from our professional photographer


FREE Bonuses Worth 691 € Included With Your Booking

When You Book Your Lessons With Us You Also Get…
  • FREE & Instant Access Ride Upwind in 30 Days – Knock WEEKS off your time learning to kitesurf and save HUNDREDS on your lesson costs. (247 € value)
  • FREE & Instant Access Our Teaching Blueprint – So you understand all the theory and we can save even more time at the beach we’re giving you our entire Teaching Blueprint instantly when you book with us. (47 € value)
  • FREE NTX Get Fit For Your Kitesurfing Lessons Consultation  – Make sure you arrive at your lessons in the best possible shape with this FREE consultation. Available as soon as you book so you can get started straight away. (397 € value)
  • MASSIVE discount on Airush and Shinn kit once you’ve finished your course.

Riding Level:

All Levels

How Long Do You Need?

Normally we find people take between 3 and 5 days to go from zero to riding, this can vary depending on conditions and the individual.

When you book private lessons with us, we’ll let you know as soon as you’re ready for supervised kit hire and we can switch your booking over no problems.

So just book the amount of days you’re coming for (you’ll only pay 100 € deposit whatever) and we can sort the rest out once you’re here.

Book Your Lessons, Check Availability or Get a Quote

Obviously, due to the whims of the wind, it’s impossible for us to give you an exact quote of how much your course will cost. So we’ve used an average of 2 hours a day as a base for our quoted price for the course.

You may well do more or less each day depending on the wind and the price will be adjusted accordingly when you are charged. If you want to know at any time on your course what you have currently done ask Sam who will be happy to tell you.

Searching Availability…

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much to Sam & the Tantrum Team for an amazing week.

    Paige Moore, Airush Team Rider
  • Fantastic active holiday, great instruction and fun atmosphere, anyone with a sense for adventure of any age will LOVE!

    Brigitte Sumner, Director of Turnaround Coaching
  • Sam was absolutely awesome, he supported me when I needed some reassurance on my own ability and taught at a very high level.

    Athon Selmes
  • One of the best holidays of my life..what more can I say? Can't recommend Tantrum highly enough!

    Sherry Carlisle, Veterinary Surgeon


Is Tarifa An Easy Place To Learn To Kitesurf?

In a word...


That doesn't mean it isn't a GREAT place to learn...

Let me explain

So many people book onto a course and when I ask them what level they’re at they confidently reply, “I’m riding upwind.”

The next question I always ask is, “Ok great…where did you learn?”

When they say Egypt or Dakhla or some other place with perfect wind and a waist deep flat water lagoon I feel my heart slowly breaking for them.


Because I know when we put them out in Tarifa they are going to struggle to body drag.


Because the conditions are so much more difficult.

But that’s a bad thing right?

There is a huge amount of advice on the internet saying go to a flat water location with perfect wind to learn and for me it’s some of the worst advice there is…

Sure that will get you riding quickly but what good is it if once you get back to your local spot where it’s choppy and the wind isn’t perfect you’re little better than a beginner? Worse you’re now even more frustrated as you now having to learn everything over again in your home conditions.

The way I’d do it would be...

To learn in the conditions I was going to ride in.

If I happened to live next to a waist deep flat water lagoon then great, they’re the conditions I’d learn in. For most of us however we have to deal with changing wind directions, chop, swell, gusty wind, other riders…so go somewhere where your going to have to learn to deal with these things. For whch Tarifa is perfect. There's a common saying here if you can ride in Tarifa you can ride anywhere!

Does that mean it’ll take you a bit longer to get up and riding? You bet but …

You learn once and are then confident to ride anywhere in the world!


Why Do You Only Offer Private/Semi Private Lessons?

When it comes to learning most schools offer Group, Semi Private or Private lessons. With Group being the cheapest and Private being the most expensive.

For this reason most people choose Group lessons. That’s fine if you’re doing it with mates or are more concerned with having a good time than with actually learning. For the serious kitesurfer Private lessons are the ONLY way to go.

To understand why let’s look at the maths.

In group lessons there are 4 students, 2 kites and 1 instructor. The students are paired up and given a kite between 2 of them.

Now let’s say you have a 3 hour lesson which costs 60 € or 20 € an hour (pretty average here in Tarifa).

In that 3 hours you are getting a maximum of 1.5 hours under the kite, because your partner is using the kite for the other 1.5 hours. But let’s be realistic, once you take line tangles and swapping the kite back and forth into account you’ll be lucky to get an hour.

Now of that hour, logic dictates your instructor will only be watching (and therefore giving you feedback) for half of that time as the other half they’ll be watching the other pair.

So what you actually get for your 60 € is 1 hour under the kite with 30 mins of instruction and 3 hours of energy used up.

Energy is important as if you’ve compressed your time as mentioned above, you’re going to be doing a lot of exercise over the next week or so. The better you can conserve your energy the more you’ll have in the tank for the rest of the week.

Private lessons are more expensive, often 60 € an hour.


You get a kite and an instructor all to yourself. So for each 60 € you are getting an hour under the kite and an hour of instruction. And it’s only taking up an hour of your time and energy, so in one day you can do 2 or 3 hours.

In group lessons you’d be using exactly the same amount of time (group lessons always tend to be a max of 3 hours), you’ll be using the same amount of energy as you’ll be walking up and down just as much as you trail after your partner. But rather than getting 3 hours under the kite as you would with private lessons you’ll only get 1 hour for the same time and energy expenditure.

Now lets say you taken my advice and compressed your learning into a week like I advise above you can suddenly get even more bang for your buck learning with private lessons managing to get 2 or even 3 days worth of group lesson learning into just one afternoon.

Semi private are a great compromise if you’re learning with a mate or partner, not quite as good as private lessons as the instructors attention is divided but you still get a kite to yourself.


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What Makes Us Different?


In The Most Consistently Windy Kite Spot On Earth


We don't believe in taking liberties with your time and we know that every moment of wind is precious. That's why we've developed our UNLIMITED HOURS Coaching system.

UNLIMITED HOURS gives you a system where you have one coach (Sam), for the day and go out when the wind is best for the exercise you are trying to perfect, where you can stay for as long as you like and when there is no stress of the coach calling time as you are just getting into your stride.

Most schools force you fit in with their schedule, you've booked a 3 hour block of lessons that day and so you have to do 3 hours that day, this often leads to you taking your lessons (which we know can be pretty pricy) in wind conditions that are far from perfect.


You see, the instructor may have 2 other lessons to give that day and so has to get your lesson done in the allotted time slot or he won't be able to teach the other 2 guys. No matter what the wind is doing at that particular time! So you end up taking a lesson in poor wind, struggling for a few hours and not really getting anywhere and having to finish just as the wind comes in great as the next student is arriving....

The next student who is paying just as much as you are but who is going to enjoy the best wind of the day.

We tried teaching like this and while it's great for our bank account it's not so great for your progress. So with our UNLIMITED HOURS system. Sam will be available for you (and only you) for the entire day that you have booked and we place no restrictions on the amount of hours you can do any day.

This also means...

On a day when the wind is rubbish, instead of struggling on and pretending that everything is fine we will instead look at the forecast. If tomorrow looks good you can save your money and energy today and tomorrow we can do more hours in great wind where you will progress much faster.

This approach has revolutionised the speed at which you will progress, by being able to be flexible with the wind we ensure we can get you out in the best possible conditions for your level every single day and if the wind doesn't play ball its no problem we'll make up for it the next day.

So...As Long As There's Wind & You've Got The Energy, We'll Be At The Beach And You'll Be On The Board.

Wind, wind, wind...

The elephant in the room on any kitesurfing holiday (and the major reason why most people struggle to learn to kitesurf) is the wind. Thats why we've picked the most consistently windy spot on the planet to teach you to kitesurf. Tarifa has 300 kitesurf-able days of wind a year (and even more with sun!).

To have 2 days in a row of no wind is VERY unusual here. This is why we are able to offer our No Wind...No Pay policy...as we're so confident in the wind performing!

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Make The Most of Every Breath of Wind


Once you have managed to get out on the water the other major problem that people suffer from is that they may be sharing the kite with another person or have to work around the school's schedule.

The school most likely has many other lessons to give that day and so have just assigned a time slot to you, often days before, which may be the time when the wind and conditions are best for you but…

All too often is just a time that works for them so they can get through their backlog of students.

Now we’ve already said that the major problem most people suffer from in learning to kite is aligning their free time with the wind so when you actually manage to do this you HAVE to…

Make the absolute MOST of every precious breath of wind.

The major problem most learners face is that they are forced to share the kite with another person.

Straight away this means if they have a 3 hour lesson they are only getting 1 1/2 hours actually flying the kite...


When you add in waiting around for your partner, sorting out line tangles and swapping the kite back and forth this can be more like 1 hour.

What’s more your instructor generally has another pair of learners to look after at the same time so during the hour you are flying the kite your instructor is watching you for around half of it (as the rest of it he’s looking after the other pair).

And the worst part…

For that 1 hour of actually flying the kite and 30 mins of instruction you’ve wasted 3 hours of precious wind.

Wind that may not align with your free time for another month, if you’re lucky…

This is why 75% of people that start learning to kitesurf never actually ride.

To solve this we give your own kite so you are actually under a kite getting better every minute we're at the beach.

Combine this with the fact that we've chosen the most consistently windy kite spot on earth and we can absolutely GUARANTEE that you kitesurf in the fastest time possible.

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So You Have The Perfect Setup For Whatever You're Practicing


The other major problem we see all the time is people paired up in group lessons with someone who is either at a completely different level to them or is a totally different size to them or more normally…both.

Or that the school simply doesn't have enough kites in each size for all the people they are teaching on one day.

So what?

Let's take the example of group lessons but you can easily see how the same theory would apply to simply not having enough kites available.

In group lessons you are sharing a kite.

So let's say you (for example’s sake) are a 85 kg man who is practicing water start sharing the kite with a 60 kg woman who is practicing body dragging.

Common sense and safety here dictates the the school is going to choose a kite size that fits the woman.

If they give her a kite that is powerful enough to get you up and riding they are placing her in a fair amount of danger (though we have seen it the other way around as well!).

However by choosing a kite that suits her size they have ensured that you have absolutely no chance of EVER succeeding in actually getting up and riding because you are hugely underpowered.

We see cases just like this every day.

For this reason we not only give you your OWN KITE but also ensure that we have a huge selection of different kite sizes for you every single day.

So you’ll always be on the right sized kite for you.

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If there's no wind you don't pay...simple.

This also means if you're at the beach and the wind drops to a point where we can't do anything you won't pay for that time either.

Most schools actually carry on teaching in these conditions pretending it's good for you to fly kites in these conditions...

it's not.

While the wind doesn't have to be perfect, if we can't fly the kite there's no chance you can, so we'll wait until the wind is right for you, and you won't pay for waiting!

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In Tarifa

Sam Guest

All these classes are taught personally by Sam (Owner of Tantrum) who'll be with you every day on the beach using his 15 years of experience teaching kiting and his knowledge of human peak performance to take you to the next level .

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We'll Have You On The Board On Day 1


Using the teachings of some of the greatest skill hackers of our time, adding in the principles of peak performance, zone state technology, the findings of the Flow Genome Project and the results of the 15 years and 10, 000 + hours of teaching time we've racked up…

We've come up with a system of teaching that will get you on the board MUCH faster...how does in one day sound?

This system has been designed to get you where you want to be faster, safer and with less frustration and is revolutionising the way kitesurfing is taught worldwide.

In a typical learn to kitesurf lesson our methods knock 2 - 3 days off your time to ride, when teaching more advanced tricks they cut your time to execution in half.

Likewise we've found the key to learning at record speeds is to make it fun, thus making it effortless. For that reason we structure our coaching very differently to most other training centres & make the entire process a hell of a lot of fun.

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When You Book Your Lessons With Us You Also Get...


We know you don't want to wait to start learning and we also know that you want get through your lessons and learn to ride as quickly as possible.

So we've put together these extensive online programs designed to give you a MASSIVE advantage over the field by walking you through the practical and theoretical knowledge you'll need BEFORE you set foot on the beach.

As soon as you book you'll receive an email giving you access to these courses
(normal value 691 €):

  • FREE Ride Upwind in 30 Days, Knock Weeks Off Your Learning Time & Save Thousands On Your Course Costs (247 € value)
  • FREE - We're also throwing in our entire Teaching Blueprint so you can have all the theory knowledge you need BEFORE you arrive saving us even more time at the beach and meaning you know exactly what's coming every day of your course. (47 € value)
  • FREE - To top it off we're giving you a FREE NTX Get Fit To KItesurf Consultation 1 on 1 with Sam before you arrive - So you can make the absolute most of every breath of wind when you get here. (397 € value)
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So You Don't Have To Hire A Car


If you want to we'll take you to and from the beach every day. So all you have to worry about is kiting!

This also means you don't have to hire a car saving you hundreds on your holiday. Available at booking for an extra fee.

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This has become the secret weapon in our arsenal to get you kiting. Using real time video feedback to analyse your technique we show you the mistakes you are making to really see the minute changes that make all the differences.

Students have described this as THE determining factor in fast forwarding their progression and we have seen massive improvements since introducing it into our lessons.

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We are a small business (and really want to stay that way) I enjoy making friends with our clients and really want to make sure I give a highly personal service. I deliberately only take one person on any of our kitesurfing holidays at a time (despite all the business consultants I meet telling me I need to expand, expand, expand!), so you can be assured loads of time on the kite and a LOT of attention from me, your instructor.

I do this for 2 reasons, because I really like getting to know you, you really make this job what it is and I want to say “Thank You” by ensuring that you have the best time possible out here. There is of course another slightly more selfish reason. You see, I want to be running this business when I’m 95 and the best way I can think of ensuring that I am, is if you go back home and tell all your friends how amazing we are!

However this also means that this course books out quickly so please book early to avoid missing out.

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In The Most Consistently Windy Kite Spot On Earth


The elephant in the room on any kitesurfing holiday (and the major reason why most people struggle to learn to kitesurf) is the wind. Thats why we've picked the most consistently windy spot on the planet to teach you to kitesurf. Tarifa has 300 kitesurf-able days of wind a year (and even more with sun!).

To have 2 days in a row of no wind is VERY unusual here. This is why we are able to offer our No Wind...No Pay policy...as we're so confident in the wind performing!

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So All You Have To Think About Is The Kite

Safety Boats

Learn to kitesurf with total piece of mind knowing our professional team of experienced safety boat drivers are always on hand if you should need them.

This also means we can teach in the Levante wind which gives us flat conditions so you can learn even faster.

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