The Power of Focus

“An intense focus on the task at hand, total absorption in the task”

This is how Flow has been described. To achieve this we need 2 things, Presence, in our bodies and in the moment, that is we need to have our focus in the correct place. We explore these ideas here:

Doug Silsbee a highly regarded coach, and author of Presence-Based Coaching says this about Presence.

“There are three doorways into presence: mind, body, and heart. When we do practices associated with each of these areas, we become increasingly masterful over our inner state, and the experience of presence is more accessible. As leaders and as practitioners in any endeavor focused on human development, our quality of presence is central to our professional efficacy.

Presence engenders creativity, agility, resilience, and authenticity, all key requirements of great leaders. When we are present, we are maximally resourceful and responsive to what our circumstances require of us. Living in a commitment to discover and cultivate this quality of presence greatly accelerates our capacity to learn and develop in any domain we choose. In fact, presence is central to our capacity to be self – generative — to choose, in each living moment, who we are and how we respond to life.

Presence is a state available to all of us at any moment. While acquired habits and tendencies greatly constrain our experience of presence, our access to it can be intentionally and systematically cultivated.”

One of the most effective ways to systematically cultivate Presence is through Mindfulness Training. As to be mindful is to be fully present in the here and now, noticing and welcoming whatever is arising within your inner experience.

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Focus is one of the doorways into Flow and is closely linked with the idea of Presence. Here Daniel Goldman best selling author tells us why:

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