Stand Up Paddle In Tarifa

No Wind?

We know you’ve come away to kitesurf and we don’t believe you should pay for sitting on the beach waiting for wind, so we simply don’t do it. At Tantrum our main objective is to get you up and riding and so we have developed a host of no wind activities to get you up and riding even faster.

Board Skills Are The Key

We find that those with good board skills typically pick up kitesurfing 2 – 3 days faster than everyone else and to that end we offer a comprehensive range of board sports that we have proved will decrease your learning time and improve your kitesurfing ability. To that end on no wind days we have available; Stand Up Paddle, Surfing, Longboarding & Wakeboarding.

Never Wait For Wind

All these sports will also be found in nearly every kitesurfing destination you visit (over the course of your long and fruitful kitesurfing career!) so by getting a grounding in them now, you’re ensuring that in the future you’re never bored sat on the beach but always have something to do, wherever you’re waiting for wind!

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