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Tantrum Kitesurf

As used by Kitesurf professionals, NASA, Special Forces & Elite Athletes.

Photo: Maude Guyeme Rider: Rodolphe MacKeene

Unlock Your Full Potential On And Off The Water

Make your kitesurfing dreams a reality, kitesurf more, work less and travel more, land your next trick in record time and then land every one after that…again and again, hit the water with unmatched energy, progress faster than you ever thought possible and look great in your wetsuit! 😉

with the NTX System

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Your Two Brains (And it’s not what you think gents!)

You were born with 2 brains. One of them is awesome at kitesurfing. The other one sucks..big time. The awesome brain I call the animal brain, the sucky one, the human brain. The animal brain is incredible at pretty much everything, it’s faster, more accurate and requires much less loo
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Does Your Job Affect Your Kitesurfing?

You might think it’s obvious that if you have a tough day at work you’re going to have a worse than usual session on the water afterwards. What you may not realise is just how closely related those two things are. In a study by S. Macora, subjects sat and played a simple and fairly mi
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Landing that next trick is all in your head…

Scientists used to believe, and indeed some of the older neurologists still do believe, we are born with a fixed number of brain cells and with time, these slowly die, never to be replaced. The rate of death is increased as we do things such as bang our head against things, drink too
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