The Wind In Tarifa

The Wind & Weather In Tarifa

The Tarifa Winds

Tarifa has two prevailing winds, the Levante and the Poniente. The Levante is the big boy, it blows night and day and can last for weeks, because it blows from the land it is warmer and does not generally form waves, perfect for mastering that water start. The Poniente blows from the Atlantic, it is a clean, constant wind generally a little lighter than the levante and brings pleasant weather and waves. Which is great for preparing you for conditions back home (not necessarily the pleasant weather part!) and boosting you confidence levels. Both winds blow year round with the levante being the dominant wind in the summer and the Poniente in the winter. Whatever the weather, Tarifa is the kite surf Mecca of Europe for a very good reason…its windier more consistently than anywhere else!

Tarifa Kitesurfing

The Weather In Tarifa

The weather in Tarifa stays mild all year round and it is not unusual to be wearing shorts and t-shirt in the middle of winter. Put on a winter wetsuit (which we provide) and you’ll be fine in the water all day. Due to this year round clement weather Tarifa offers a great escape for those looking for a bit of winter sun. Obviously being on the South coast of Spain it’s almost ¬†guaranteed to be hot and sunny between the months of April – Oct.

Average temperature in Tarifa (°C)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
13 13 15 17 18 22
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
24 25 22 20 16 14

If you combine this with the fact that Tarifa is one of the most accessible kite spots in Europe, being served by the airports of Gibraltar, Malaga, Jerez or Seville and that prices for flights can be as low as 50 € in the winter you have the perfect year round kite surfing destination.


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