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Improve Your Kitesurfing When You’re OFF The Water

Here at Tantrum we believe the best way to improve your kitesurfing is to improve yourself. you are the single biggest variable in your kitesurfing performance and you are also the ONLY variable that you have (pretty much!) 100% control over.

When you arrive at the beach full of energy, able to attempt trick after trick after trick, stay on the water for longer, recover faster before your next session, learn faster, consolidate gains quicker whilst having faster reflexes, a stronger body and a more agile mind…

Your kitesurfing looks after itself.

To that end we’ve designed the NTX system, our bespoke kitesurf performance system designed to do just that…

NTYX Kitesurf Specific Fitness Coaching

Kitesurf better, for longer.

Kitesurf specific fitness is extremely difficult to train for in the gym and many of the normal exercises you do will actually impede your kitesurfing, so it’s important to be doing the right exercises based on what you are trying to achieve on the water and have them develop with you…the only way to do this is through coaching…

When you have coaching at this price it’s a no brainer.

35 € a month

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NTX Kitesurf Specific Human Potential Coaching

For those who really want to push their performance to the next level or who have major performance challenges they want to overcome.

Using cutting edge lab testing we will identify your unique performance inhibitors and then build a protocol based on your specific genetic and biochemical biology. Specifically adapted to your unique genetics and biochemistry this will improve your kitesurfing and your life….most of our clients claim they feel 20 years younger after just a few months.

249 € a month (Lab fees are additional and are payable direct to the Lab)

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