Improve Your Kitesurfing When There’s No Wind Workshop

In person, 1 on 1 session with Sam where I’ll work with you to build a personal, bespoke plan to improve your kitesurfing when you’re OFF the water.

Including optimal nutrition to power your kitesurfing session, kitesurf specific fitness and workouts, improving board skills, balance and flexibility and our legendary Heal like Wolverine package to ensure you become a LOT more resistant to injury.

For most people, no wind days in Tarifa suck, for some they are an opportunity!

In this workshop we show you how you can improve your kitesurfing even when there’s no wind. Covering a whole host of exercises you can do off the water as well as focussing on the most important variable in your kitesurfing…you.

You’ll never be upset the winds not blowing again!

Having run a kite school for over 10 years one thing I realised, was no matter how great the conditions, how amazing our instructors or how perfect the wind, there was one variable which was MUCH more important in determining if our clients progressed.

Their physical and mental condition…

  • If they could learn faster,
  • had stronger muscles and so could last longer on the water,
  • had sharper reflexes and a more agile mind,
  • if they had energy to burn,
  • if they got injured less,
  • if they could get rid of the extra weight they were carrying…

If they could do all that they couldn’t help but be a better kitesurfer.

The Itinerary

The exact activity for the day will depend on your needs. We meet over coffee and discuss your particular challenges and I’ll be digging down to find out the real areas we need to work on.

From there we’ll head off and get started. We could be doing anything from a deep dive into your nutrition, to working on your flexibility using vibrating foam rollers and specific fascia stretches, building out a bespoke and kitesurf specific fitness plan (and running you through it!) or mastering board skills using one of our no wind trainers.

Most likely we’ll be combining a few of the above and adding in some bits specific to you and your needs.

What To Bring

You should dress sporty and bring water and suncream (if appropriate) as we’re going to be moving about outside.

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