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    "One of the best weeks of my life, friendly instructors and fellow students, loads of hours on the beach which really got me going with my kitesurfing. The only regret I have is not staying any longer!" - Vilhelm Ridenfeldt

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We’ll be teaching you to kitesurf for as long as you’ve got the energy, or the sun goes down!

As long as there’s wind and you’ve got the energy, we’ll be at the beach, getting you on the board.

As a result a much higher percentage of our students leave us able to kitesurf than with most kitesurf schools. What’s more, because of the much quicker learning curve you’ll experience as a result of our method of instruction we absolutely guarantee that hour for hour kitesurfing lessons with us will cost you a LOT LESS than with any other school.

3 Hours A Day, Sharing A Kite, Is Just NOT Enough.

Learn To Kitesurf Camp

Most kitesurf schools give 3 hour lessons, sharing the kite, that really means you’re getting maximum 1 and a half hours flying the kite, though in reality due to line tangles and swapping the kite over each time it’s probably more like 45 mins.

When your time is up, the whistle goes and that’s that, whether you’re just about to nail that next move or have spent half the lesson untangling lines or waiting for wind, times up…done, finished and you are left to foot the bill.

We Simply Don’t Believe That’s The Way To Learn To Kitesurf.

We believe in Total Immersion, which is why we’ve developed our UNLIMITED HOURS Instruction system.

UNLIMITED HOURS under instruction and your OWN KITE the entire time guarantees that you learn much, much quicker than with a conventional 3 hour course and that even if we do have the occasional glitch or the wind decides to drop for a while, it’s no problem as we literally have all day!

One Lesson A Day…Yours!

Because other kitesurf schools often have 2 or 3 lessons running every day, students often have to fit around the kite schools schedules with lessons being organised at times where there’s no wind just so the school can make its money, giving you a 3 hour lesson in which you learn nothing, as there’s no wind.

At Tantrum Kitesurf we only give one lesson a day…yours, so you can be guaranteed we’ll be at the beach when the wind is best for you.

As Long As There’s Wind & You’ve Got The Energy, We’ll Be At The Beach Getting You On The Board.

We’ll be training you for as long as it takes to get you kitesurfing, meaning that your chances of learning to kitesurf in your time with us go through the roof.

Private Instruction & Your OWN Kite


Group Lessons…GREAT For Us…Not So Great For You

Now we love group kitesurfing lessons as they pay well and provide us a really convenient way to teach, but over the years we’ve realized while they may be great for us, they aren’t so good for you guys. Ultimately we noticed a few  problems that just kept cropping up, that affected learning times and led to frustration for you, the student.

Cabrinha-Siren-Collection-Susi-Mai-2Problems With The Lines

One of the big issues is if your partner has problems with the lines and gets them tangled. As you are sharing a kite you have to wait while the lines get sorted out, taking away from your time on the water.


Another problem we spotted is that one person can really hog the kite, spending hours on each run while you watch, frustrated, from the beach. Again not an ideal situation and while we obviously tried to make time under the kite as fair as possible, you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for watching someone else learn to kitesurf.

If, whilst sharing a kite, your partner doesn’t progress at the same speed as you, so for example, you are learning to water start whilst your partner is still struggling with the body drag, (despite having started the day at the same level) you now need a entirely different kite and line setup to your partner but end up flying a kite that is inappropriate for your skill level just to ensure your partner doesn’t get blown away!

While we always tried to pair people up with a partner of the same weight often this simply wasn’t possible, if this weight difference is fairly large, then the 2 of you really need different sized kites to compensate, which again is a problem if your both sharing the same kite.

Our Solution


Giving you one kite and one instructor to yourself.

We’ve found that this way we’ve more than HALVED the time it takes to get someone from zero to hero.

Often this can be done in as little as 6 hours.

This massively reduces your time under instruction and ultimately saving you time and frustration as the whole learning process becomes much, much smoother. In the long run this method also saves you a LOT of cash as well, as although it works out more expensive hour for hour, you need a LOT LESS time under instruction (we’ve literally had people up and riding in 6 hours), which means you’ve got more time and money to plan your first kitesurfing holiday!

We’ve actually found that in 1 hour of private coaching you progress the same amount as with 3/6 hours of group lessons, and with all the energy you save from the reduced time span, we can pack even more learning into each day.

During our kitesurfing lessons you get a kite and the coach to yourself. As a result the lesson is tailored exactly to your needs and level. The personal service and instantaneous feedback you receive means you progress much, much faster than would normally be possible in a group lesson.


UNLIMITED HOURS means that you’re instructor will be booked for you (and you alone) for the day. So if you want to do 8 hours in one day, no problems. As a result we can also time our lessons for the absolute best conditions of the day.

One Lesson a Day…Yours

This is as opposed to most schools where a single instructor may be giving several lessons a day and so trying to squeeze them all in without any regard to what the wind is doing. We only give one 1 lesson a day…yours, so you can be certain you’re getting the absolute best conditions of the day, the amount of time on the water that YOU want and the absolute most out of your kitesurfing whilst you’re here with us.

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Details That Matter

No Time Limit Means No Stress

We often have students come to us after taking a traditional 3 hour lesson telling us how one of their fellow students had a problem with the kite and sorting it out took the instructor an hour while they were expected to simply sit and watch with the clock ticking away. Or they were paired up with someone who just didn’t get it and who, because of this, took up all the time on the kite, leaving them having done one run for 5 mins and then they were expected to pay for the full lesson.

The other problem we often hear about is that students were just about to crack a move they’d been trying all day when the clock ticked over, the instructor called time and they had to come back tomorrow even though the wind was absolutely perfect right then.

Because other kitesurf schools often have 2 or 3 lessons running every day, students often have to fit around the kite schools schedules with lessons being organised at times where there’s no wind just so the school can make its money, giving you a 3 hour lesson in which you learn nothing as there’s no wind.

At Tantrum Kitesurf we only give one lesson a day…yours, so you can be guaranteed we’ll be at the beach when the wind is best for you.

Saves You Time and Money

This method of kitesurf instruction ends up saving you time and money in the long run. Rather than having to spend time organising lessons each week, wasting money and time driving to the location, praying for the right wind and that you haven’t forgotten everything you learned last time.

Instead you can learn to kitesurf in one go, with everything taken care of, with the certainty that you’ll crack it in that time. This means you’ve got more money to spend on your first kitesurfing holiday and much more time to plan it!

Throw Away The Rulebook We’ll Have You On The Board Much Faster.


Over 10 years we have refined our teaching methodology and have come up with a system, that rapidly improves learning time and has the potential to get you up and on the board, much quicker (how does in 1 hour sound?) than with a conventional course. We call this The (No) Tantrum Method.

This way you then have the rest of the time to refine your skills and by the time you leave us it’s possible for you to be truly independent. Something that can often take months.

It also means that when we do come to teach you the slightly less glamorous stuff (like safety and upwind body dragging) you really pay attention as it is really relevant to you as a kitesurfer. Rather than listening to an instructor give you a 2 hour safety brief on your first day before you’ve even touched a kite, we generate the excitement first (in a safe environment) by getting you riding and then cover the essentials at a time when you are hungry to learn them. Meaning that when you do need to use these skills you can remember and use them effectively.

This incredibly rapid rate of learning is made possible by 2 factors, which separate us from every other kite school on the planet, our highly advanced teaching methodologies (utilizing cutting edge NLP and deep learning practices) and our Unlimited Hours format, so as long as there is wind and you have the energy, we’ll be at the beach getting you on the board.

Stay In A Private Room In Our Accommodation With Your Fellow Kitesurfers

If you choose to stay with us, you’ll get your own private room in our upgraded kitesurfers apartment.

Sharing the apartment with your fellow students, leads to a great social vibe and friendly atmosphere, which means even if you’re travelling on your own you’ll never feel alone…unless you want to, in which case the 14km long Los Lances beach is 20 seconds walk away. The apartment has a kitchen, huge living area, washing machine, 2 bathrooms and a great balcony with an awesome view onto the beach where you can sun yourself.

The Best Instructors

We choose instructors based not on how good a kitesurfer they are (as we are confident we can quickly make them very good at this) we choose them instead based on their ability to teach, their ability to communicate effectively and most important their ability to make learning and your holiday fun for you. This really shines through, and we are well known in Tarifa as being the friendliest school on the beach.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tantrum family.

Prices & What's Included:


60 € an Hour - Private 1 to 1 Lesson
45 € an Hour - Semi Private Lesson: 1 instructor, 2 students with a kite each*

Prices are per person, minimum 2 hours per day.

*Not available in high season

Please note: On our booking system below we only charge you a deposit of 100 €. Once paid this will ensure all the days you have booked are reserved for you.

Once you arrive you are free to do as many (or as few) hours as you want on any given day, which will be paid for at the hourly rate (over and above the 1 hour you've paid here as a deposit).

If You Can Come For a Week, Check Out Our Kitesurfing Camps for an AWESOME Deal

What's Included?
  • UNLIMITED HOURS KITESURFING LESSONS - As long as you've got the energy, we'll be at the beach getting you on the board.
  • Your Own Kite & Your Own Coach - The Absolute Fastest Way To Learn...Bar None
  • Beach Transfers
  • All our coaches are experts in The (No) Tantrum Method of teaching, we have hacked kitesurfing to ensure you learn faster and with less effort.
  • Full Kit Hire
  • Rescue boat service in the summer months allowing us to teach you on glass flat water whenever the levante wind blows.
  • IKO Certification.
  • Full liability & accident insurance

Available at booking:


Add your own Private Room in our kitesurfers accommodation.

Rider Level:

Any Level.

Minimum booking of 3 days, 2 hours per day.

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What Others Say

  • My last day with Tantrum and kiting, loving every minute and still got a good few hours on the water to go. It's an amazing experience.... live, breathe, kite basically and no matter what skill level I leave at, I feel I can now say I'm a kite surfer (finally)
    Alison Foulds, Alison Foulds
  • Super friendly instructors! Persistent and patient both of them! Good tips and super follow up! Had a great time :-))

    Eirik Boge
  • One of the best weeks of my life, friendly instructors and fellow students, loads of hours on the beach which really got me going with my kitesurfing. The only regret I have is not staying any longer!

    Vilhelm Ridenfeldt
  • The set up you have really works. The reason we selected you was due to the fact that you do not limit the hours and proved this on both days. The instructors seemed to want us to get the most out of the 2 days.

    Adam Basting
  • The apartment sharing was a great way to meet the other students. Maria and Alex were absolutely awesome, they supported me when I needed some reassurance on my own ability and taught at a very high level.

    Athon Selmes
  • One of the best holidays of my life..what more can I say? Can't recommend Tantrum highly enough!

    Sherry Carlisle, Veterinary Surgeon