Join the dots to attach Kiters to Kites

And You Thought Your Kitesurf Spot Was Crowded!

Check out this picture from the latest Snow Kiting event in Ragnarok – Quite fitting as “Ragnarok” comes from the Nordic name for Chaos – Armageddon
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New Kite Skiing Record Set By Ex Blue Peter Presenter

Helen Skelton sets new kite skiing record Have to say it but I’m a little jealous of Helen Skelton, not because she’s stuck in the middle of the frozen wastes but because she’s got
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Winters Here – Does That Mean No Kitesurfing? Not If You Snowkite!

Well as those of you in the UK and Northern Europe will have noticed winter is most definitely here! For most of us that means an end to kitesurfing until the spring. There is however another option. Snow kiting has been taking off as a winter alternative to kitesurfing and is now a c
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