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Tantrum Kitesurf

As used by Kitesurf professionals, NASA, Special Forces & Elite Athletes.

Photo: Maude Guyeme Rider: Rodolphe MacKeene

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Make your kitesurfing dreams a reality, kitesurf more, work less and travel more, land your next trick in record time and then land every one after that…again and again, hit the water with unmatched energy, progress faster than you ever thought possible and look great in your wetsuit! 😉

with the NTX System

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A Beginners Tale Of Learning To Kitesurf

I can’t breathe. Darkness envelops me as every sinew in my body fights against the pull. I still can’t breathe. I don’t know where I am as the pressure develops. My heart beats faster; panic sets in. My body spins like a rag doll in a washing machine, tumbling and tumbling. What’s thi
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Kitesurfing at Paddys Hole in Redcar

Paddy's Hole
View on Google Maps Set amidst a blade runner esq industrial backdrop this is perhaps one of the most atmospheric places I’ve kited. With flaming towers and billowing smoke pouring out of the local steel works industrial chimneys it makes for an amazing photo shoot. All that ind
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