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Tantrum Kitesurf

As used by Kitesurf professionals, NASA, Special Forces & Elite Athletes.

Photo: Maude Guyeme Rider: Rodolphe MacKeene

Unlock Your Full Potential On And Off The Water

Make your kitesurfing dreams a reality, kitesurf more, work less and travel more, land your next trick in record time and then land every one after that…again and again, hit the water with unmatched energy, progress faster than you ever thought possible and look great in your wetsuit! 😉

with the NTX System

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Jumping HUGE Landgaps

Sam Light jumps huge land gaps during a downwinder on the outer banks of North Carolina. Do you want to jump higher by improving your kitesurfing when you’re OFF the water? Click Here >>
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The Biggest Problem We Face As Kitesurfers

There is one thing that causes us more problems as kitesurfers than ANYTHING else…but there is a way to beat it, in this video I show you how… Sign up for the webinar here >>
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Light Wind Kites

In this episode I talk to Mike Birt about light wind kites. We cover amongst other things: – The major differences between dedicated light wind kites and “normal” kites – Why the kite market is being re written by light wind kites – Who should be looking at a light w
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