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30 Day Intro To The NTX System

Here is the basic outline for what I’m going to be covering in the next 30 days on our live morning sessions in our Facebook group.

It isn’t necessarily in order and I’m sure it will change over the course of these 30 days based on feedback and suggestions from you guys, but I’m just wanting to give you a taster of what’s to come and give the month some pre-structure.

Throughout the month I will also be doing live training sessions, and keeping a daily food, fitness and sleep diary so you guys can see exactly what I’m doing and how I’m progressing.

The goal of this is to become a kick ass kitesurfer, focusing on the things we can do OFF the water to supercharge our performance ON the water…Join me in our Facebook Group..

Phase 1

  • An upside down view of performance.
  • Why most programs don’t work…understanding your genetic, epigenetic and biochemical uniqueness.
  • Fixing the leak in your bucket.
  • Common problems I see in kitesurfers.
  • The 20% lifestyle adaptions that make 80% of the difference.
  • Understanding the timings and cycles of biology.
  • Active recovery and the holy grail of performance.
  • The simple law of mastery.
  • Superstimuli and the dopamine paradox.
  • Stress and the 14 year old Navy Seal girls.
  • The 2 simple tests for performance.
  • Why sex is your best barometer.
  • Intro to Supplementation.

Phase 2

  • The real truth about Biohacking.
  • The Faustian Bargain of performance.
  • Physical fitness for kitesurfing.
  • Why every thing you know about fitness training needs to be re thought.
  • Health vs fitness.
  • Mindset – gaining confidence.
  • The inner game of kitesurfing.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Advanced supplementation.
  • Finding Flow.

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