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I Don’t Want To Kitesurf…

“I don’t want to kite, I just want to stay in bed”

I couldn’t believe my ears! We’d been locked up for 2 months, only able to go to the supermarket and back and now the Government had finally decided we could go kiting, albeit with the restriction that we had to do it between 6 – 10 in the morning. (Which to be fair in Spain is deemed the middle of the night!)

So the first day I’d rung up all my mates, my usual kiting crew, to get a bunch of us together to hit the water in style.

And that was the response I got from 6 of them!

I was shocked, I’d expected them all to be as pumped as I was.

After all we’d been dreaming about this moment for 2 months and now it had finally arrived they were going to sleep right through it.

Crazy right?

I went out and despite being a bit rusty and the conditions being far from perfect had the time of my life, the sense of freedom after so long indoors literally made everything worthwhile.

You can see the look of joy of the faces of me and the other kiting buddy I did manage to summon up that morning in this photo:

So why am I telling you this?

Because I see a load of people repeating this pattern in all walks of life.

As an example I see kiters who really want to get in shape, to get fit, to be stronger, to be able to go kiting for longer and really bring it…

They REALLY want to get started but just can’t find the motivation to get going. And it’s not that these people are lazy, far from it, they are often some of the most successful people I know.

For some it’s an identity thing, they just don’t see themselves as an active person anymore, they used to think of themselves as an athlete but time and a sedentary life have slowly stripped them of it, for some they just can’t seem to ever find the time depot the fact they know if they made it a priority they really could.

For others its ever simpler they don’t really know what to do or even how to really get started without doing a load of research first.

Whereas at the same time there are people who despite not being nearly as successful in life in general are super fit, have the body of their dreams and can pretty much eat whatever they want and still bring it every day on the water.

Would you like to learn how they do it?

As long as I don’t decide to just stay at the beach all week I’ll be in the office this week which gives me time to work personally with 2 people to help them get the body they want, more stamina to kite, to give them back their identity as a kiter and an athlete.

If you’re ready to take your fitness, your body and your kitesurfing to the next level then let’s get on the phone and figure out how we can work together.

Sound good? You can apply by clicking here >>

Oh and this isn’t some fad program, if you’re looking to get fit in 1 week without doing any work then I’m afraid this isn’t for you, if you’re looking for a“work hard and build an awesome kiting body,” program, then I’m your man.

Ok I’m off for my post kite shower,


Owner of Tantrum & Creator of The NTX System

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