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Why Some Kitesurfers Can’t Lose Weight And Keep It Off

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There are 3 MAJOR forces at play when it comes to your inability to lose weight or keep it off, I’m going to talk about 2 of them today…the 2 which I call the external influencers.

You see, there are 2 major industries that are heavily invested in the fact that you fail. Now before I start this isn’t a big conspiracy theory, I don’t believe these companies are necessarily evil. I believe that market forces have led us to this position and it’s simply a result of supply and demand.

That said, what are these 2 industries?

  • The Food Industry
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry

What’s the biggest problem the food industry has?

That your appetite is finite.

So they try to make food as nutritional empty as possible so it never fills you up whilst being as addictive as possible so you never stop eating it. The slogan “Once you pop you can’t stop” is literally true.

Now many people don’t realise this but there is a HUGE amount of research which goes in to creating the food we eat. Most food these days is actually designed in a lab. Labs where scientists wire people up, stick a load of electrodes to their skull and then feed them their latest delicacy. What they are looking for is a response in the brain as similar to that produced by heroin as possible.


Because heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and they know if they can get close to that they’re on to a winner

What to know something chilling…

They beat Heroin years ago.

In a study done by Connecticut College they gave rats the choice of 2 food types, one was Morphine (which is what heroin becomes straight after injection) the other Oreos. The rats favoured the Oreos…every time!

And we are advertising this stuff to our children….

The problem with all this scientifically designed, nutrient empty food part from the fact you can’t stop eating it?

It’s really bad for you.

To make it as addictive as possible it’s often been manipulated by scientists to the point where it’s really not recognisable as food, (at least not for humans…perhaps for robots) and it does a lot of damage to your biology as you eat it. So over time, it makes you really ill.

Ah ha, but don’t worry” say the Pharmaceutical companies at this point, “we’ve got just the thing for you…you just need to take this (hugely expensive) pill for the rest of your life.”

Which while it may cure your immediate problem leads to a whole host of other problems down the line.

When you consider the advertising budgets and the lobbying power these 2 industries have, you can see why you’re up against it before you even start.

On the free, live masterclass on Thursday, I’ll be diving deep into the 3rd major force at play, which is stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off, this is the BIG one and no one is talking about it. I’ll also be showing you how you can lose 20+ kilos in the next 6 weeks and keep it off, without ever counting calories, going hungry or spending hours at the gym (and still have enough energy to kitesurf!)

Save Your Seat For The Free Live Masterclass

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When I First Started Kiting I Had NO Idea…?

When I first started getting serious about improving my kiting whilst I was off the water, I had no idea where to start.

So the first place I went was my doctors, after all, who knows more about health? 

I asked him ”Doc, I feel ok, but I want to feel amazing, can you help?”

My doctor looked at me and said, “Ok great, what symptoms d’you have?” 

“Hmmm…nothing really I guess”

“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you young man.” (I was 25 at the time!)

I must have looked pretty disappointed as he went on to tell me something which has stuck with me all these years. 

”As doctors we are only trained to cure sickness, you get ill, you come to us, we fix you. But if you’re not sick there’s nothing we can do.

We have a model of what is called health care when in fact it’s sickness care. Health care would be ensuring people never got sick in the first place! How’s this relevant? Well…

Most of us peak in our natural performance between the ages of 15 – 25, some of us, the athletes and those who look after themselves or win the genetic lottery manage to stay there a bit longer, maybe up to 30.

After which it’s generally a long, slow decline towards death…”

“Cheery thought huh?”

“What most people don’t realise is, this isn’t inevitable. In fact there are some people who seem to totally avoid this decline altogether and it can certainly be prolonged long after what is currently considered natural.”

I thought of the various athletes I knew who were considered outliers as they were considerably older than the norm and still dominating their game.

Tom Brady the 42 year old star quarterback of the New England Patriots being a prime example.

“You see, declining performance in ALL areas is a process of death by 1000 cuts. We eat crap, we neglect sleep, we work too hard and for too long, we party too much, we don’t exercise or over exercise, we spend too much time being stressed or don’t apply the right kinds of stress to the body.

In short we abuse our bodies which slowly, slowly, slowly get worn down as a result.

So by the time most of us reach 30, we are operating at 50% of our full potential, at most."

Then he flashed a grin at me and said…“That’s where I come in,

It’s at about this stage people start coming to see me, lack of energy, can’t sleep, gaining weight, feeling tired, depression. If they’re unlucky it might be some industrial disease, CFS, IBS or something else with a name. It might be simpler, just not being as fit as they feel they should be or not being able to bring it like they used to.

There’s still not a lot we can do as doctors at this stage as they generally don’t have any medical symptoms for us to work with.

So they start to self medicate.

They drink coffee to wake them up in the morning, alcohol to knock themselves out in the evening and energy drinks to get through the day.

They throw down painkillers, start doing crash diets which, although they may provide temporary relief, actually throw the body into greater chaos, further reducing their long term performance by adding a few more cuts to those 1000 we talked about earlier.

The insidious problem here is, all their friends are showing similar symptoms as well. So they think their complaints are normal and chalk it up to old age.

One of the major problems in the western world today is the belief symptoms are normal and simply a sign of growing old…I’m telling you after 30 years as a doctor, symptoms are common in our western world…they are NEVER normal. It’s just, we pretty much ALL suffer from them and so believe they are."

“Wow,” I thought this is interesting. So I asked, 

“Ok, now you come to mention it, I’ve been noticing I’m not as energetic as I used to be, I struggle more at the gym and on the water, I don’t sleep as well, I get bloated after eating and I’m starting to put on a few pounds…do you think this means I’m not performing as well as I could be?”

“Young man…” he said, looking me up and down, “I believe you are somewhere around the 50% mark…”

“Holy Cow!"

I was the healthiest person I knew!

He continued, “Right now you have 2 choices. You can carry on as you are and continue this inevitable, slow decline into death or do something about it and take your performance back up to 100%.”

“Is that even possible?” I said.

“Oh God yes…

Think of your body like a car, a high performance sports car.

If you take this car and put crappy fuel in it, drive it like a maniac, crash it a few times and never take it for a service or to see a mechanic, in 20 years it’ll be ready for the scrap heap.

But if you take this car and put a new engine in, replace all the parts with new ones and lovingly restore the body work, you can restore it to its former glory. What’s more because technology has advanced in those 20 years, it can actually be rebuilt better.

Biology works in exactly the same way, but it’s easier because it does all the work for you. You just have to give it the inputs it needs to do it’s job…which is actually a lot simpler than people think.”

I left his office inspired…

I spent the next decade and a half straight studying every diet, every bio hack, every emerging technology which could help me do this. 

I took a load of courses, ran experiments on myself, I journeyed to remote parts of the world in search of ancient wisdom and the latest cutting edge labs to understand the very latest developments in science, 

I talked to the most esteemed experts, athletes and peak performers on the planet…to literally re write my DNA

The result….

After 6 months straight off the water I got back out and landed 3 new tricks in my first session and was substantially better than the last time I had been out. Rather than going kiting once a month, if I was lucky, my new found energy meant I was getting out whenever the wind blew…in fact living in Tarifa I was having to force myself to take days off so I could get other stuff done.

I started ironman triathlon training on the side, I was sleeping 9 hours a night, all my other symptoms cleared up and for the first time in my life I was actually waking up with a massive grin on my face, just excited to be alive.

More importantly I also:

  • Kited better and for longer as I was fitter and stronger
  • Kited more often as could recover faster and had better stamina
  • Had energy to burn and even after a long day at work was itching to get out on the water
  • Was able to smash through mental barriers and became MUCH mentally tougher, this meant pulling kite loops no longer fazed me!
  • Improved focus and concentration on (and off) the water, no more tripping an edge inadvertently or getting distracted by a beautiful girl kiting next to me (ok I admit it, this one still eludes me!)
  • Progressed faster
  • Gained confidence to kite anywhere in any conditions
  • Lost 2 stone
  • Got rid of all those aches and pains and all those little niggling complaints I always thought were just me getting older
  • On a vainer note I also started looked younger!

This is what the NTX program can do for you.

You can get started with it here >>

See you on the water,