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How The Flow State Can INSTANTLY Improve Your Kitesurfing

Ever experienced the feeling on the water where you can do no wrong, where every action you take is perfect, where time slows down or speeds up and you’re totally in the moment undistracted by what’s going on around you or by the voice in your head?

If you answered yes you’ve experienced The Flow State.

The Flow State is the ultimate human performance state, it’s often referred to in layman’s terms as “the Zone.” It’s that time when you perform perfectly. Where everything is effortless, time dilates and you are often left with a huge buzz and a sense of well being.

Repeated entry into The Flow State is associated with higher levels of happiness, longer lifespans, higher levels of wealth and more career success.

It’s also been calculated that you perform up to 350% better when you are in a flow state.

No wonder companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are spending millions on projects to implement more of it the workplace. No wonder professional athletes including kitesurfers are on a quest to get more flow into their performance, imagine how good a kitesurfer you’d be if you could perform 350% better every session! 

But how do we, who don’t have the budget of these mega corporations get more Flow in our lives and into our kitesurfing?

Well, the first step is to understand how it works.

Before we get anywhere near the flow state we have to go through a series of steps, the first is…

The  Struggle Phase.

The is, as the name would suggest, the unpleasant (but absolutely necessary) part. It’s also where we’ll spend most of our time. We research, we experiment, we fail…over and over again, but each time we fail a little less. This is the time we’re practicing that new trick and wiping out every time, when we’re desperately trying to work out how the hell to master the waterstart, when we’re pissed off and disillusioned and tempted just to sack it all off and go to the pub.

During this stage cortisol levels rise and our brain is emitting beta waves, the type of waves often related to problem solving. It’s frustrating, stressful and is the very reason most of us don’t really have much experience of Flow, because we give up long before we get there.

Those who don’t give up come up against another problem. 

You see we have been conditioned since a very early age to believe old sayings such as “try, try and try again” or “if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.” And so we do, we struggle harder and harder, getting more and more frustrated, more and more stressed.

We literally try to bludgeon our way into a flow state, reasoning if we just keep banging our head against that brick wall long enough we’ll break through…


This doesn’t work.


Because Flow is an intensely focused but intensely RELAXED state. The key here is the word “relaxed.” With all that frustration and stress generated through the struggle phase there is NO WAY you’re relaxed. You have to calm down, release, clear out that cortisol and breath.

Our mothers were all flow hacking experts… when you got frustrated doing some task or because you couldn’t do something well, what did she say?

“Do something else for a while, take your mind off it”

And what inevitably happens when you do…

You come back and perform 10 times better often wondering what all the fuss was about.

As another example, when do all the best ideas hit you?

When you day dreaming (or singing) in the shower! (And you’re no where near a pen to write down the life changing idea you’ve just had!)

Why the hell is this?

Because the second stage of the flow cycle is…

The Release Phase.

We have to shift from the beta brain wave, cortisol fight or flight response of the struggle phase to the alpha brain wave dominated, relaxed release phase. Doing this triggers a whole host of chemical changes within the body, clearing out the cortisol and putting you in that day dreaming, meditative state.

Expert thinkers have been aware of this for years. Einstein used to spend 20mins a day on his back in a rowing boat just staring up at the clouds day dreaming. Edison used to sit in a chair with a cricket ball in his hand and fall asleep, just as he started to drift off his hand relaxed, dropped the ball and boom he was hit with an idea.

If you’re learning to kitesurf, the walk back up the beach to start your next run is a great time to release and a good instructor will be using this time to try to relax you.. If you’re on your own sing a song, think of baby dolphins, plaster an idiot grin on your face anything to shift the body towards this desired state.

In the release phase the body and mind relax so we are prepared to enter the flow state.

It’s only then the magic can happen…

When it does you enter…

The Flow State

The body dumps norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, anandamide, and endorphins into the blood stream so we enter a totally altered state. All of these are performance enhancing, feel good neurochemicals which make you faster, stronger, and quicker – both physically and mentally – and make you feel really damn good while doing it.

They enable the brain to make new connections at lightening speed and perform at it’s absolute highest potential, time speeds up or slows down and every action seems effortless, perfect, godlike.

It’s literally the most addictive high on the planet.

All those weed smoking, drug taking extreme sports athletes, they’re not drug addicts, they’re flow addicts. As the chemicals in these drugs go part way to simulating the intense high these individuals feel smacking the lip of a 20m wave or dropping down a perfect, powdered slope.

Flow can show up almost anywhere in life and it’s not a binary state. So you may have a mind bending, universe twisting flow experience or you may not really notice it. But some simple examples are the first time you stand up and ride on a kitesurf board, when you’re riding and all sense of time, even of self, vanish, so intent are you on your riding.

Extreme sports and especially kitesurfing are hardwired to induce Flow they are literally the most flow inducing activities we can pursue, but it can show up in almost anything, hell for some people it might show up washing the dishes!

In the flow state you’ll perform up to 350% better than normal, what’s more because your brain makes new connections at an incredible rate, you learn a LOT faster. For all us nerds it’s like levelling up your character in a Role playing Game. You are now just intrinsically better and cannot go back to what you were!

The issue here is that the flow state is highly addictive, so we just want more and more. But it’s also hugely draining on our biology. It uses up a lot of resources so most of us can’t stay there for very long. This is one of the reason for the “one last go” syndrome in kiting…we just want one more go, but because we no longer have the energy to maintain a flow state this is where we get injured.

So the final stage of the flow cycle is:

The Recovery Phase 

It’s probably the most important phase and the one over which we have the most control, but also the one we ignore the most!

How do we recover effectively? 

By eating right, sleeping well, supporting our bodies in every way we can so it can prepare us to re enter The Flow State the next time we hit we water.

See you on the water,


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How Understanding Your DNA Can Improve Your Kiting

Genetic testing has opened up whole new worlds to those of us in pursuit of optimal human performance (or just those who want to be better kiters!). For the first time ever we can understand our underlying genetic predispositions and design our nutrition, our exercise, our lifestyle around them and thus radically upgrade our performance nearly over night.

In this video I show you how I plan to use this in my quest to become a kick ass kitesurfer…

One of the first things you learn when working as a Performance Coach is there is no one size fits all solution to instantly upgrade someone’s performance to superhuman levels.

Whether I’m working with clients to massively upgrade their kitesurfing performance, with a CEO to give them more focus, energy and drive, with a professional athlete wanting to be faster, fitter and stronger than the competition or whether it’s just me, looking to become a kick ass kitesurfer…

We are all subject to what in the world of Personal Training is called The Law of Individual Differences.

This law simply states we are all different, and so what works for one person, almost by default, will not work for the next…

In fact the same thing which works as a panacea for one person may have very negative effects in another.

This is true in which ever field you look at, exercise and fitness, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, stress reduction…or any other lifestyle change we use to induce massive increases in performance.

Ok so this is a great little nugget to know but…

How the hell do you actually implement this?

How can you possibly know all the nuances behind your biology?

Well for years in my job it was a case of trial and error.

As Health & Performance coaches we’d typically try something, often aided by a bit of guesswork as to what would probably work for the client based on their background and cross referenced with other clients we’d worked with. From there we’d cobble a protocol together and give it a shot.

If it worked…great, if not we’d go back and tweak.

Scientific huh?!

For my quest to become a kick ass kitesurfer I wanted to be a bit more scientific. Luckily for me, at about the time I was conceiving of rebooting this quest, the means to do exactly this became possible.

Check out the video at the top of the page to learn more…

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Your Two Brains (And it’s not what you think gents!)

You were born with 2 brains.

One of them is awesome at kitesurfing.

The other one sucks..big time.

The awesome brain I call the animal brain, the sucky one, the human brain.

The animal brain is incredible at pretty much everything, it’s faster, more accurate and requires much less looking after than the human brain. It is however a shy and timid beast.

The good news is you have your own animal brain…

Unfortunately you also possess the human brain.

The animal brain is our instinctive brain…

The brain we share with lizards. It includes not just parts of the actual brain but also the nervous system and any intelligence held within our body, muscle memory and the like.

It’s responsible for all our instinctive actions, the actions which happen without you thinking about them and thus have very little control over.

The withdrawal reflex when you put your finger in a fire.

The instinctive flinch when someone raises their fist to hit you.

The uncontrollable laughter when your mate smacks himself full in the face whilst trying to pull his wetsuit on (well maybe not, but I for one don’t have much control over this one).

It does it’s work under the hood and we have very little access to the controlling mechanism.

Your human brain is your rational mind. This is the part of the brain that we use for planning ahead, for rationalising, for analysing past events and predicting future consequences, the inner critic.

Now, each of these brains has a separate connection to each sense (except the sense of smell, but that’s not relevant to our discussion here). So from your eyes you have one connection running up to the human brain and one connection running down to the animal brain.

The important thing is this: The animal brain connection response time is 10 times faster than the human brain connection response time.


Because your human brain has to think about it’s response.

All that awesome technology that goes in to making the human mind the most powerful supercomputer in the known universe has to swing into action.

It’s got a workout what the incoming information means, pass it through various filters, work out what it means to you now, determine an appropriate response and send the response back to you, so you can do something about it.

The animal brain doesn’t do that. Whenever an incoming stimulus matches the correct pattern the appropriate response is automatically fired.

No thought, no hesitation.

It’s hardwired.

And thank God it is

In a survival situation where every split second counts this is crucial.

So to gain true mastery of any skill we have to transfer it’s processing from the human brain to the animal brain (thus speeding up it’s processing by a factor of 10) and then ensure that the animal brain functions as best as it possibly can.

First off though we need to get one thing straight…

Your human brain doesn’t trust your animal brain.

It thinks it’s a bit of an idiot.

The human brain likes to think it’s very intelligent because of it’s higher reasoning capacity. It loves technical, results based, how to style information. It wants detailed instructions telling it EXACTLY what to do in every single situation.

It then uses this technical know how to browbeat the animal brain, constantly telling it what it should be doing. You experience this when you’re learning to kitesurf.

It’s that constant voice in your head saying.

“Ok keep your eye on what your doing, dummy…”

“And watch out for that other person over there…”

“Keep your knees bent…”

“God damn! You T***, why can’t you just do it right!?”

The problem is when your human brain is commanding the animal brain like this, your animal brain doesn’t perform very well, it crumples under the pressure.

Compare and contrast that experience to changing gear in a car.

The first time you tried changing gear (if you’re anything like me) it seemed like an impossible task. There’s all these different things to do, in the correct order, coordinated over feet, eyes and arms and you’ve got a split second to do all of it.

Your human brain was constantly on at you to do this, don’t forget that, push the clutch you idiot etc and as as result you got stressed out and the whole experience felt clunky as you waited for the human brain to tell you what to do next.

Now, if you’ve been driving a while, I bet you can’t break it down into its separate parts. Its become one action that you do not think about. You human brain does not get involved. It’s learned to trust the animal brain on this one and as a result you perform the task effortlessly.

And if you do try and think about it, and I challenge you to do this (make sure you’re on a quiet wide road at the time)  often the action doesn’t feel natural at all.

When you’re on a roll, in the zone, deep in the flow state, lost in the moment. Just doing it…

You’re not thinking about what you are doing AT ALL.

When we leave the animal brain to just get on with it…

It does really well,

So what we’re actually trying to do when we’re teaching you a new sport is to get your human brain to shut up. To stop it feeding this information, these endless instructions and criticisms to the animal brain…and just let it get on with it.

“Ok great,” you might be saying, “but even when changing gear for the first time I wanted to have the human brain telling me what to do. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue what to do in the first place.”

Yup I’m right with you.

I’m not saying that all that technical information is of no use…

In fact I would advise you to swot up on as much technical knowledge as you can BEFORE you start.

Watch all the YouTube video’s you can, visualise your move over and over, have a perfect picture in your head of what you are trying to achieve, feed the human brain and let it transmit this knowledge (osmosis style) to the animal brain.

But when you actually hit the water, forget it all and let the inner animal do it’s job…believe me, it’s much better at kitesurfing than you are.

Ok so hopefully you’re now convinced of the need to allow your animal brain to take over when you’re on the water.

But how do you do this in practice?

Performance in anything can be measured by a really simple equation:

Performance = Animal Brain – Human Brain.

So my role as a coach, and your role as a trainee, once you’re actually out there, is to increase the influence of the animal brain and decrease the influence of the human brain.

So rather than carrying loads of technical information onto the water with you, clear it all from your mind, “Let Go.” Remove any attachment to the result and focus on the feel of the exercise. Invite your animal brain to jump in, take over and work it’s magic.

All too often I see coaches giving their students a lecture of things they need to do before they get in the water. This sets the human brain off worrying it has forgotten something whilst also trying to focus on 15 different things at once and then screaming at the animal brain when it inevitably messes up!

Sound familiar?

The clever way to do this is to have an image in your head of what you are trying to do and just concentrate on the sensations in your body around that movement, notice what is tense, where feels blocked and what feels easy and effortless.

Do this while you are practicing and after a few attempts you’ll feel everything starts to flow much more easily as you notice and naturally relax the parts of the body under tension.

(remember the high performance state we’re after is a highly focussed but highly relaxed state where performance is effortless)

We noticed this working time and again when teaching the waterstart.

We could give a student all the technical know how in the world, send them out again and again, correct their technique in infinitesimal detail on the beach, use video feedback, and…

Progress would still take ages, if happen at all.

When we switched to giving students a few exercises that focussed them on the movement they were attempting whilst allowing them to remain fixed in the moment rather than worrying about the outcome, in short allowing the animal brain to take control, our success rate went through the roof!

I invite you to try this the next time you are out on the water and see how it feels.

However then we hit our next barrier, and this is the huge barrier for many.

The animal brain is only as good as the hardware it commands.

You can have the best animal brain in the world, but…

If your muscles aren’t physically strong enough, if your reflexes aren’t fast enough, if your brain cannot process and learn information fast enough.

In short if your body (your hardware) physically isn’t capable of doing what you want it to do.

It’s all for nothing.

So we extended our equation to:.

Performance = (Animal Brain + Hardware) – Human Brain.

Once you can master this equation and apply it to your kitesurfing and by extension to your whole life, you’ll be performing not like an animal, but like a BEAST!

Interested to know more?

I run an exclusive VIP club where we delve in to this and a load of other stuff in much more detail to MASSIVELY improve your kitesurfing when you’re OFF the water by upgrading your body and mind specifically for kitesurfing, you can check it out here >>

See you on the water,


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Landing that next trick is all in your head…

Scientists used to believe, and indeed some of the older neurologists still do believe, we are born with a fixed number of brain cells and with time, these slowly die, never to be replaced.

The rate of death is increased as we do things such as bang our head against things, drink too much and get punched in the face….or generally treat them badly!


We now know differently, the brain in constantly creating new neurones in the hippocampus in a process called neurogenesis.

Why is this good news for us kitesurfers?

Neurones are essential when it comes to laying down pathways for learning new skills. Hence when we’re learning a new trick it’s the ability of our neurones to create new pathways and then isolate that pathway to the point where it becomes a superhighway that will determine how successful we are.

Once a new neuron is created in the hippocampus it moves out to find it’s place in the brain. It may take 4 to 6 weeks before the neurone is fully integrated into the brain and during this time they are very vulnerable.

To protect them we need to ensure they get the correct nutrients, whilst avoiding toxins that will kill them and then sheath them in a substance called myelin.

Myelin insulates the pathway, protecting it from damage but also speeding up transmission time and accuracy of the signal.

Hence to be fully effective learning any new trick we need to not only boost the rate of neurogenesis but increase the survival rate of the new neurones which are created by ensuring they are nurtured properly and there are enough natural resources available to create the myelin needed to sheath them.

The way to do this?

On a very simple level avoid toxins, improve your diet, avoid stress and depression, exercise (ie go kiting!), have fun, expose your self to a healthy environment, plenty of good quality sunlight, good (fluoride free) water and most awesomely…sex!.

The good news is that by doing these things right we can increase the speed of neurogenesis by a factor of 5!

In fact kitesurfing itself will stimulate this process of neurogenesis, any new and novel activity encourages the brain to produce new neurones and kitesurfing certainly qualifies. So the next time you hit the water just remind yourself, you’re actually making yourself more intelligent when you do!

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Is There A Perfect Diet For Kitesurfers…?

Check out our kitesurfing case study how you can:

Improve your kitesurfing when there’s no wind

Is there a perfect diet for kitesurfers…

Probably not.


that doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfect diet for you as a kitesurfer…


Let me explain…

Just how we all look different on the outside, we are even more different on the inside. Our bio chemical individuality means that we all have very different needs when it comes to diet.

This is why you see so many different diets all claiming to be the one perfect human diet…they probably are for the person pushing that particular diet, but may well, quite literally, kill the next person to come and try them…the next person who is biochemically very different to the one for whom the diet worked.

Dietary needs also change naturally with age and lifestyle changes, it seems obvious that a triathlete will have very different dietary needs to a couch potato but what’s not so obvious are all the much smaller dietary differences that exist between these 2 opposite ends of the scale.

Simply put…

You have to find the right diet for you.

Great…but how to do this?

By figuring out what works for you.

An easy starting point is your ancestry, people from certain regions generally tend to tolerate certain food groups better than others for example:

  • Northern European will probably do better on a diet higher in fish
  • Mexicans, Hispanics, Chinese generally require more folate-rich foods such as leafy greens.
  • Japanese & Continental Europeans do better when consuming diets higher in starch
  • Those of Northern European descent are more likely to be lactose tolerant.

Of course these are very generic guidelines and there’s huge amounts of variation within these populations….take it for what it is a starting point.

If you want to go into more detail, then a genetic test will not only give you in depth ancestry data but can also highlight certain genetic factors which influence what you should be putting on your plate.

Factors such as if you have a MTHFR or an APOE-4 genetic mutation which might mean you want to eat more folate and muscle meat or cut down on saturated fat respectively.

On top of this you can run food sensitivity tests which will tell you which foods to avoid. These are becoming increasingly more accurate over time and while not cheap, adhering to the results and eliminating the recommended foods can shift the dial enormously for many people.

You could also run a detailed gut/microbiome test to see if you have any underlying issues, such as IBS, leaky gut or underlying parasites.

This test will also go a long way to identifying the specific bacteria (good or bad) present in your gut which can help us identify which foods to include to encourage the good bacteria to thrive whilst starving out the ones we don’t want.

All this might sound like a lot of work and to be fair it is, however once you dial in the unique diet that works for you, high performance becomes child’s play. Mysterious, often apparently incurable conditions simply disappear, aches and pains vanish, sleep dials in, learning improves and you have all the energy you need to rip it up like a boss every time you hit the water!

Check out out kitesurfing case study, “How You Can Massively Improve Your Kitesurfing, Even If There’s No Wind.”

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