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Talking Safety

In this episode of the Tantrum Show we’re talking safety including:

  • The time when we make the biggest safety mistake every kiting session
  • When you don’t need to self rescue
  • The ONLY thing you need to remember when you do need to self rescue

And much more.

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In todays Q & A episode we cover:

  • What kite you should be buying first
  • Where in the world to learn to kitesurf
  • Getting fit for your kitesurfing lessons
  • Trimming your kite perfectly

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Learn to Kitesurf 3 x Faster

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Waterstarting on your weaker side

Everybody has a stronger and a weaker side in kitesurfing.

Whether you are regular or goofy, waterstarting the “other” way often feels awkward and is much more difficult to master. This is especially true if you come from a boarding background where you don’t have to ride on both tacks…ie snowboarding, surfing etc.

In todays episode we look at how to waterstart effectively on your weaker side.

We look at the common mistakes we see people making and how to easily fix them.

If you haven’t already check out:

The Definitive Guide To Waterstarting

which explains in detail a lot of the concepts mentioned in this episode.

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Kitesurfing &…Neuroplasticity?

How your brain rebuilds itself to make you a better kiter.

Want to find out how you can MASSIVELY improve your kitesurfing when there’s no wind?

Over the years I’ve noticed that most people perform at a fraction of their true potential. And that by making just a few simple (and easy) changes they can unlock improvements they never thought possible. These changes are so simple and so life changing that I’ve put together a FREE web class covering how you can do them.

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