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The Friday Lowdown – 13th March 2020

What’s The Best Cross Training For Kitesurfers?

When I first started training people to get fit for kitesurfing, I was all about slow movements and big weights.

It took me a few years to realise that to train for a sport as nuanced as kitesurfing isn’t just a case of going and throwing weights around in a gym or smashing out a few classes of Crossfit.

To efficiently train we must do it at the speed of the sport we are training for, using optimal weight for that sport.

At about the time I realised this I also discovered resistance bands. Portable, much less likely to cause injury, able to be utilised in any direction (not just against gravity) and providing equal resistance throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise (meaning you get MUCH more bang for your buck).

They also allow us to train with the speed and explosiveness we need for kitesurfing and you don’t need to be stuffed in a gym to use them, they’re also cheap as chips! ?

All this makes resistance bands THE perfect tool for training kitesurfers when they’re OFF the water.

And they’ve quickly become my #1 favourite tool for getting people into shape to kitesurf quickly.

I’ve put together an entire kitesurf specific, resistance band workout for you here in this video so you can get fit for kitesurfing with our resistance band workout and exercises. Designed by kitesurfers for kitesurfers.

Here’s a round up of everything you might have missed this week, including the resistance band workout:

How To Learn To Kitesurf 3 x Faster

One of the questions I get asked all the time by people just starting their journey into kitesurfing is, “What’s the fastest way to learn to kitesurf?”

In this second part of a series of videos I start to answer this question giving you some great tips for how to get up and riding in less time with less frustration.

Click here to watch the video.

The Quest To Become A Kick Ass Kitesurfer – #3

Following my quest to become a kick ass kiter…

Genetic testing has opened up whole new worlds to those of us in pursuit of optimal human performance (or just those who want to be better kiters!). For the first time ever we can understand our underlying genetic predispositions and design our nutrition, our exercise, our lifestyle around them and thus radically upgrade our performance nearly over night…

In this video, using me and my results as an example, I show you how I’m going to be using it over the next year to massively improve my kitesurfing and how you can too.

Click here to watch the video.

Kitesurf Specific Resistance Band Workout

No gym or expensive equipment required and build specifically for kitesurfers.

This one’s a doozy!

Click here to watch the video.

Have a great windy weekend!



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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Light Wind Kites

In this episode I talk to Mike Birt about light wind kites.

We cover amongst other things:

– The major differences between dedicated light wind kites and “normal” kites
– Why the kite market is being re written by light wind kites
– Who should be looking at a light wind kite and what they should be looking for in a light wind kite
– And we get the lowdown on the almost mythical Ultra V2 from Airush

So if you’re at all into light wind riding or want to be, this episode will tell you all you need to know.

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The Ultimate Kitesurfing Adventure

This episode I talk to Bowen Dwelle, the mastermind behind the Kitesurfing Skills Adventure and probably THE most exciting thing to happen to kitesurfing in a long while. It’s certainly something that I’m going to be doing my utmost to be a part of.

So if you’ve got a sense of adventure and have always wanted to mix it with your kiting you’re going to love this episode.

Or if you prefer not to look at my ugly mug…

Links to get in touch with Bowen:

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills Dec 1-8, 2018

Discover Wind Land Nov 25-29, 2018

Instagram: @bowendwelle
Facebook: @bowendwelle

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Everything you NEVER knew about kitesurfing kites

Kitesurfing Kites

Buying a kite is an incredibly difficult decision for most. 

Things are not made any easier by the fact that manufacturers deliberately describe them in generic language making it sound as if every kite does EVERYTHING well.

In this episode I speak to Mike Birt of KTwo Distribution, one of the most knowledgeable chaps I know when it comes to kite design and the features you should be looking for in your next kite.

In this episode we cover a HUGE amount including:

  • The defining factor in ANY kite that will determine if it’s the right kite for you
  • Should you be sharing a kite with your partner?
  • What you should be looking for in your kite.

And a heck of a lot more, in fairness I learnt a LOT in this talk and I imagine you will to. So if you’re interested to know more about this fascinating topic tune in, kick back.

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Which board size should I be using, more waterstart woes and more…

In this months Q & A session I answer the following questions:

Nick: 0:13 – For a 100kg rider what sort of board would you recommend?

Elisha: 2:08 – For some reason on my weak side when I waterstart I cant get the kite into the window and instead of diving forward is dives on the edge of the window and pulls me sideways instead of to the front, not sure what i’m doing different?

Ben: 10:43 – In light winds after the water start the kite often hangs around 2 o clock and does not catch the wind so I fall back In the water.

All the other guys are ok even with smaller kites so it’s a bit frustrating 🙂


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