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Getting the board on your feet, waterstart problems & more…Q & A

Following our live q & a session, here are the answers for those of you who wrote in:

Julie – How do I shorten my lines, you mention this many times in your videos but I can’t find a video explaining it – 0:37

Alan – I’m struggling to get the board on my feet…what can I do? 1:17

The link to the course I mention in this section is here >>

John – I’m really struggling with the waterstart…I can just about get up but then I lose all power…what am I doing wrong? 5:38

Gordon – My last session was 15kts with 11m kite and it feels like there is not enough pull or is it that I’m trying to go upwind to soon? Do I need a bigger area to ride in ? Or is my starting point incorrect? 7:08

If you’ve got a question you’d like me to answer, a kitesurfing question, not relationship advise I’m definitely not the guy to ask about that, then just head over to this page >>

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