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How To Shorten Your Kitesurfing Lines

Learn to kitesurf faster, more safely and have more fun doing it by converting your bar from its normal full length lines to half or even quarter length lines.

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What is Front Stalling & how to avoid it

Front stalling or Hindenburging the kite is one of the worst sensations as a kitesurfer. In this video we look at what causes it and how to avoid it.

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Mastering The Bodydrag in Kitesurfing

Body Dragging With The Board

The body drag is one of those area’s of kitesurfing that seems simple at first glance but has a lot of nuances to it that can trip you up at all stages. Here we go through the entire bodydrag sequence from entering the water to bodydragging like a boss.

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The Definitive Guide To Waterstarting

For many people water starting and riding those first few meters feels like an almost unattainable goal.

The amount of variables you are trying to put together in a split second with perfect precision makes this one of the hardest physical activities we ever learn.

Fear not in this video I break down the most common errors of waterstarting and give you a solution for each, and this isn’t the normal “Just point the board downwind” advice.

Amongst other stuff I cover:

  • Why the normal advice for learning to waterstart is actually counterproductive in most cases
  • How what you do with the kite is more important than anything else
  • Solutions to the most common errors
  • Why the water start is much more than just one simple stroke

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Jump Higher with Lewis Crathern

Want to Jump Higher?

This is the best breakdown to how to boost higher that we’ve seen…nice one Lewis

Board Control

Sending The Kite

Bar Position Approaching Takeoff

Body Position Approaching Takeoff


Kite Position While Airbourne