How To Care For Your Kitesurfing Kite And Make It Last Twice As Long

Kitesurfing Kites, keeping them fresh
How do you make sure your expensive new kitesurfing kite doesn’t fall apart after 5 sessions? By following these few simple guidelines you can increase the lifetime of your kite and get so much more value for your money. Ironically enough the 3 main things you need to avoid with
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The 2 Errors People Make Whilst Learning to Waterstart When Kitesurfing

The Water Start
There are two common errors most people make when trying to water start during their kitesurfing lessons which prevent them from riding up, up and away. The first is not pushing the front foot far enough around to release the board onto the plane and the second, of course, is pulling
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What Difference Do Kitesurfing Fins Make?

Different types of Kitesurfing Fins
Today I want to talk about the difference that fins make to your board and to your riding.  Fins come in many shapes and sizes and most often you simply use whichever size comes with the board when you buy it. This fin will generally be fine for most kinds of riding however you can dr
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Kitesurfing – Rules of the Road Part 1

Kitesurfing - Rules of the Road
Kicking off a new series of posts on kitesurfing rules of the road, today we're going to look at who has right of way when leaving the beach.
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Are the Kitesurfing Pro’s out of Touch with Kitesurfers?

A few years ago now Lewis Crathern jumped the Worthing pier (he’s now done the Brighton one as well!). Posted on You Tube multiple times it is thought that well over a million people have seen this video. If you haven’t seen it have a watch of his Brighton jump, it’s
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